Your Own Personal Mission Statement

Have you ever taken the time to sit and write out who you are and what your life is for?

This is a powerful exercise and a really important tool if you have something bigger than yourself that you want to accomplish.

When you have something written out, clear and powerful, something that inspires you and makes you go YES!  This is what I am doing all this for.  Then, in those times when you feel less than inspired, less than motivated to get to work, you have something that can pull you out of the funk and remind you of who you really are.

So let’s first talk about mission statements.

You could also call it a manifesto.  I really like that word.  It is bold and daring in and of itself.  There is something fun and exciting about saying “This is my personal manifesto.”

A manifesto is a public declaration of what it is you are out to manifest, what you want to see happen in the world.  I wrote one for Visionary Mom and I love to go back and read it over again.  It helps me get in the groove of what I am trying to do here on this blog.

So, how do you create a manifesto?

First off, don’t worry about it being perfect.  You aren’t stuck with this, you can go back and change it anytime.  It is YOUR vision.

Second, carve out some time for yourself where you can focus without too many interruptions.

Now, sit with yourself and think about what inspires you.  Write it down in a journal if you want.  Make some notes.  What types of things make you feel uplifted, fulfilled, wowed by life?

Think about when you have felt really and truly inspired.  What was happening?  What is the thing that got to your heart and made you feel connected and in touch with what really matters – to you.

You may want to take a week, or a month, or however long you need to pay attention to what are those things that make your heart sing.  Write them down.

When you have a pretty good list of things that inspire you, take a moment to look over it.  Do you see a theme?  Is it making a difference or creativity or poetry or art or love or kindness or passion?  What is there on your pages that is the thread that ties all of  what you wrote together.  See if you can narrow it down to one or two words.

Now, who are YOU about that word?  How do you see yourself making more of that experience happen in the world?  What is your role in all of this?  Write out ways you can see yourself making this word get more expressed in the world.

Are you someone that is going to celebrate and nurture the creative spirit?  Are you going to make a difference for families across the globe?  Are you going to provide a space for women to express themselves?  Try to capture what it is you want to do with the things that inspire you in one simple sentence.

For example:  Who I am is someone who celebrates motherhood by making sure moms fulfill their own dreams and passions.  This is what inspires me and makes me want to work.  It is why I do what I do.  And on those days when I don’t feel like doing anything, I can ask myself, am I celebrating motherhood?  Am I making my own dreams come true?

There are so many ways you could word this.. pick what works and resonates for you.

  • My mission is to…
  • My dream is to…
  • Who I am is…
  • My personal manifesto is to…
  • Why I exist, to…

My personal mission statement wakes me up and reminds me to live with passion and purpose.

So, what is yours?  What inspires you?

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