Your Make A Plan Workshop


You are ready to get started on your big dream. And that, me thinks, is super awesome! :)

Below are all the links, videos, etc.  to the Make A Plan Workshop.  You will need a password for the videos – it is:  DreamBig – all one word and case sensitive.  I have also pulled out the worksheets into their own pdf so you can easily print them up if you want to save paper and skip printing the entire workbook.

Though, if you think you will use this workbook lots in the future (I hope you will!) ~ you might consider printing the whole book out, getting yourself a pretty 3-ring binder, and keeping the Make A Plan workbook nearby for all your future plotting and planning and inspired dream happenings.

The videos are at the bottom of this page.  Throughout the workbook, you will see a note that says –> WATCH in red with the name of a video after it.  Then, you can hop back here to this page to watch.  OR, you can watch them all at once, or however YOU want to do it!   It’s your workshop.  :)

Once you have completed the workshop, I would love to hear from you! What great things are you now making happen? What dreams are coming true? And how are you lighting the world on fire by your VISION? If you’d like, please send me an email whenever you get a chance.

Here is the link to your workbook:

The Make A Plan Work Book

The Worksheets

If you would like to receive email prompts over the next month, you can sign up for those here.

If you have any questions, thoughts, things to share, etc.. I am available for email support as you work your way through the workbook.  My direct email address is:  lisa [at] visionarymom [dot] com.

Enjoy!  I look forward to hearing from you.


Your Videos:

All of these are under 10 minutes – a couple ARE 10 minutes! But I tried to keep them as short as possible so you can watch them in short bursts, vs. being stuck in front of you computer for a long chunk of time. Enjoy!

Welcome Video

Welcome to The Make A Plan Workshop from Lisa Work on Vimeo.

Before We Get Started

Before We Get Started from Lisa Work on Vimeo.

Creating Your Vision Statement

Creating Your Vision Statement from Lisa Work on Vimeo.

Dreams and Goals

Dreams And Goals from Lisa Work on Vimeo.

Pit Stops

Pit Stops from Lisa Work on Vimeo.

Your Inner Nay-Sayer

Your Inner Nay-Sayer from Lisa Work on Vimeo.

Creating A Sacred Space To Work

Creating A Sacred Space To Work from Lisa Work on Vimeo.

Getting Support

Getting Support from Lisa Work on Vimeo.

Getting Into Action

Getting Into Action from Lisa Work on Vimeo.

My Final Thoughts

My Final Thoughts from Lisa Work on Vimeo.

Oh and please, don’t give out the link to this page, or share it on Facebook or anything.   This book is for you and you alone.  BUT, you can tell lots of people about it by directing them to THIS link.   That, I would so appreciate!! :)