You Are The Kind Of Mom That The World Needs

Today is Mother’s Day here in the United States, which I think is a great excuse for me to tell you some things that I think you should know…

You are smart.

And funny.

And incredibly brilliant most all of the time (we all have our moments).

You create magic everyday. 

Sometimes it’s small magic, like when you play along inside your little one’s imaginary world.

Sometimes it’s big magic, like when you move mountains to get shit done, or you take away the sadness from those that you love, or when you allow yourself to dream impossible things.

Your kiddos are watching you.. all the time.

And they see you as a superhero (because you are one).

You are up to big things and that takes courage, which is so incredibly inspiring.

You’ve got guts.   And sass.  And gumption.   (which is such a freakin’ great word, we should use it more).

I know you want to make a difference, to contribute to this world in some way.

And that is such a HUGE gift.

Really, YOU are a gift.

And I thank you for that.

I know you don’t always see yourself how I see you, or how your kiddos see you (as a superhero), but it doesn’t matter.

Because you are the shit.

And I love you.

Thanks for being the kind of mom that the world needs.

xo, Lisa


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