You Are Enough

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This seems to be something we all struggle with.  Enoughness.

It is probably the biggest struggle I hear moms talking about.  You may not say, “I am not enough.” exactly like that.  But, the mood of it, the sentiment is there.

If only you could be more ___________.  Then life will finally work for you.   Then, you will be a better mom.  Then, you could finally pursue your dreams.   In the background is this whole nasty business of not being enough.

  • Not organized enough.
  • Not patient enough.
  • Not focused enough.
  • Not pretty enough.
  • Not skinny enough.
  • Not creative enough.
  • Not daring enough.
  • etc, blah blah blah.

What do you feel not enough of?

Whatever it is.. I have something to tell you.  It’s important.  So, stop what you are doing, pay attention, and listen.

You are enough.

I have zero doubt about this.  You are enough of YOU.  And that is all we want, is for you to be you.  100% with all your heart and passion and exhuberence. You.

You are enough.

If you weren’t, there would be no you.

You are enough.

So, stop trying to be something else.  Something other than who you are.

You are enough.

You are loved and cherished and admired and looked up to by people around you.  They may not tell you as much as you need to hear it, but, trust me, you are enough in their eyes.

Yes, you are enough.

So, it’s okay to stop trying to fix all that is wrong with you.  It’s okay to let go of all that “should” and just let things be exactly as they are.

Exactly as you are.

Because, you are enough.

And, knowing that, you can go create anything for your life.  Anything that inspires you and motivates you and makes you feel amazing.

So long as whatever you create is true to who you are.  Who you really are.  Not the made up “should be” you.  But, the you that loves what you love and that smiles at what makes you happy, and that is moved deep in your soul by whatever inspires you.

So, go!   Play in the land of magical thinking and knock your socks of inspiration.  Go – create and be you.

And know, that you ARE enough.

Day Eight of Creating Intentions

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