Write for Visionary Mom!

I think that one of the best resources we have for growing and becoming AWESOME business women is  EACH OTHER!

I know that I learn so much from each and every woman that I work with, talk to, and share ideas with.

So, I’d like to start opening up Visionary Mom to YOU – the readers, dreamers and Visionaries that make Visionary Mom such an awesome community of dynamic women.

Starting in January 2013, you’ll begin to see stories, advice and ideas from different voices and I’m inviting you to join the conversation!

Share your stories, your experience, your dreams.  Help each other.  Teach and contribute.  Live out loud – sharing your unique perspective on what it takes to start and grow a Visionary Business.

Here’s How to Contribute:

Step 1.  Fill out the form below, pitching your idea.  

Visionary Mom focuses on these 5 key areas to help you grow your business.  Make sure your pitch focuses on one of these main topics.

This is the why, the juice, the difference that we make with our business.  It can also be about ideas, your dreams, and finding a business that really matters to us AND makes an impact in the world.  Writing for the vision category is all about dreaming BIG and helping Visionary Mom readers do that in their businesses.

2.  PLANNING + ACTION or “A Day In The Life”:  
Not a whole heck of a lot happens without a powerful plan AND taking bold action on that plan. So how do you do that when you feel overwhelmed and the kids are sick and there is so much to do?  How do you juggle the day to day of your business?  How do you get stuff done and be super productive?  What about that elusive work/life/family balance?

Anything you can share about how you organize your work flow, how you find time to get things done, productive tricks, or how you break down the mass amount of stuff there is to do so it feels manageable is what would be awesome to write about in this category.

If you have been around Visionary Mom for any length of time, you know that I am a BIG believer in teams!  Trying to do stuff alone is just plain nuts.  It takes a village, people!    What teams and support do you use to build and grow your business?  What about all the systems you use, the software, the tools?  This category is about the stuff that makes things easier for moms in business.  Tell us about the teams and systems you use that keep you sane!

Making a difference and leaving our stamp on the world requires that we open our mouths and SHARE.  That we speak our truths, that we are courageous with our ideas.   What could you contribute to other moms about being brave, going for it, and letting the world know what you’re up to?

Straight up business talk.  Share with other visionary mamas what you’ve done to grow your business, branch out in the world of social media, grow your list, make more money, etc.  I know there is a lot of wisdom out there.. let’s help each other to GROW as business owners…. spill those business secrets!

Once you know what you want to write about, just fill in the form below.  Then…

Step 2.  If your idea fits in with the Visionary Mom vision, I’ll let you know when your article will be due, along with all the nitty gritty details.


Step 3.  Your article will go live and we can all high five the difference you make!  :)


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