Wrapping Up Our Month of Intentions

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All this past month I have been focusing on creating intentions.  I started with looking out over this next year, but you can create an intention for your life or any aspect of your life in any given moment. It’s a tool ~ a very powerful tool ~ to help you experience life the way you want it to be. But, like any good tool, you have to use it, you have to dwell in it, you have to apply it.

And, that my friends is always the tricky part! But don’t despair! You CAN do it, I know this about you. And I also know that it won’t always be easy. But, hopefully, it WILL be worth it!

Working on your stuff is not always fun, but if you want to live present, alive, with power and truly fulfilled, it does take work. Just like if you want a sexy hot body, it’s not going to happen just by laying around and thinking about it! You have to get off your butt and exercise!

Which is why I offer the services I offer. :) So you can have whatever level of support you need to get off your butt and make some awesomeness happen in your life!

Need some serious one on one, hold your hand, push you hard and love you big support? Then check out my individual coaching sessions.

Do better in a group, connecting with other like minded mamas? Then the Visionary Mom Teams are going to rock your world.

Want the one on one, but can’t commit to specific times, or the idea of talking one on one is a little scary? Then try one of the online classes.

And… coming soon ~ really, really soon, like in the next few weeks, I am going to be rolling out the first of many online workshops that you can take at your own pace, your own speed, on your own terms. I am SO EXCITED about this first workshop – all about planning out your dreams. And, I have lots of other great workshops that will get created over this next year.  Yay for YOU!  :)

Back to Creating Intentions

Here is a list of what we were chatting about over the month in case you are just now joining us or if you missed something. Please, revisit this series often, whenever you need a little fresh mojo to make your heart sing.

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And, let me know how it’s going. What great things are happening? What delicious goodness have you experienced? Or where are you just plain stopped and frustrated about the whole thing? I am always here and happy to answer your questions or provide whatever lift you need.

Rock on my bold, passionate sisters! I am looking forward to good things in February with all of you!

Peace, Lisa

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