Ready to get on the court and actually start making stuff happen?

Good.  Because you have some great ideas and I want to help you get them off the ground.

Workshops are different than the classes I offer because you can work on them on your own, at your pace, as fast or slow as it works for you.

And, each workshop has different levels of support.

  1. You can just buy the workbook, on it’s own, and do all the exercises at your own pace.
  2. Or, you can purchase the full workshop that includes email prompts, videos and other extras to really push you to dive in and actually do the workshop:)
  3. And for those of you who are not messing around, you can also add on a one-on-one coaching session with me to work through anything that needs addressing so you can truly spread your wings and fly.  Cool, huh?

Whatever you decide, it is my intention that these workshops help move things forward for you, that you take the time to get working on your big dream and that you achieve your goals.

Current Workshops: