Wish for the Stars

Your Dare for this week ~
Dream Big & Reach for the Stars….

How often do you let yourself REALLY dream?

You know, for those things that seem impossible – or hard?  For those things that seem out of reach and beyond anything that you could have (or deserve) in this life…

This week.. open up your heart, listen, hang out.. see what it is that you really want.  That you really and truly wish for.

And then, let yourself dream about it.  Imagine yourself there.

Having it.  Being it.  Feeling it.

Experiencing it.

Let your imagination get the best of you.   Don’t hold back.

Don’t edit.

Did you hear that?  Don’t edit. Don’t protect the dream (or yourself) by only wishing some of it.

Let the dream flourish.  In all it’s glory.

And, dream yourSelf flourishing.

How does it feel to let yourself imagine the stars?

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