Why It’s Important to Retreat

Do you ever feel like you need to get away?

I’ve been thinking alot about this lately ~ Retreats. Retreating.

The dictionary definition of retreat is “a place of privacy or safety.” It also says “an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable.”

That, to me is interesting. As mothers, yes, often times things are difficult or disagreeable. But dangerous?

Hopefully, as a mom, you are not under any real danger, and if you are this article is not speaking about that.

What I do want to talk about is the kind of danger we face that doesn’t usually get talked about or addressed.

It is the danger of loosing ourselves, or giving up on our dreams.

The role of mommy is demanding and takes alot out of us. I often find myself talking to other moms about how they don’t have time to pursue their own passions, or they are just too dang tired. That is where mothering can become dangerous.

Our lives are not in danger, but our spirits, our ALIVENESS and our own self expression IS.

That is, of course, what this whole website it about. Tapping back into ourselves, digging our passions out, living our dreams and teaching our children to be dreamers.

The magic of retreats.

Retreats give us a chance to step away, to find “a place of privacy or safety” that will allow us to reconnect and express what lies deep in our own hearts.  Retreats give us a safe space to explore what is inside us, longing to get out.

Mothers rarely take time to nurture themselves. Like really going inward and feeding ourselves power and love kind of nurturing.

Instead, we just go. go. go. Taking care of everyone else.

Grabbing time for yourself is not always easy. Besides all the logistical stuff (who will watch the kids?), there is also the giving yourself permission side of things. Taking some time and allowing yourself to just be, to feel and express. How often do you actually let yourself do that?

I know, for me, yes~ I take some time by myself. But, if I’m honest, only about 90% of that time is spent doing things that are truly, unquestionable empowering.

Just being alone, or being without the kids does not guarantee you will feel restored, uplifted, and nurtured.

As a mom, it takes something for me to fully disconnect, to let go, to get in my element. There are even times when I set out to “retreat” – to nurture and refresh myself. I will take an afternoon away where my husband watches the kids. I will go meet a friend, or hang out in the book store, or wander around and take pictures. This time is nice, for sure.

But, have I altered something in myself? Have I created some new space for me to express myself? Do I feel more connect to who I really am?

Sadly, the answer is often no. Yes, I feel more relaxed, more calm, more present. All of which is good, but do I feel more ALIVE, more FREE to express myself, more CONNECTED to who I really am?

This is why it’s important to retreat.

When you take the time to retreat, you are carving out a specific amount of time intended to empower and nurture you self, you true Self. Bringing this intention in is what makes all the difference.

There are a number of ways to retreat.

The most obvious and easiest way is to sign up for a retreat. There are lots of different types of retreats out there that address all kinds of different needs. There are artist retreats, yoga retreats, etc. You can find something that addresses what it is you are craving and is designed just for that.

This website has listings of all kinds of different types of retreats available in the world. Costa Rica anyone?

Shameless Plug ~

If you didn’t already know, I am developing some pretty dang awesome retreats designed just for moms. They will FOR SURE leave you feeling empowered to not only live your dreams, with passion and joy, but they will also address the specific needs we have as mothers – finding that balance between taking care of our children and taking car of ourselves.

Be sure to get on the retreat mailing list so you can know when these get rolled out and so you can recieve special discounts available only to my mailing list peeps.

(end of shameless plug ~ thanks for endulging me :) )

You can also create your own mini-retreat.

Gather some friends and do something together, or you can retreat solo. There are lots of ways to do this.

Check in here tomorrow. I will be sharing ways that you can create your own mini-retreat. See you then!


Why Do YOU need a retreat? What is your soul calling for?

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