Why Hire a Coach?

Well, there are lots of reasons, really.

  • Maybe you are feeling stuck and can’t quite figure out how to make happen whatever it is you are trying to make happen.  You want someone who can help you figure out the stuck and move past it.  This is really hard to do on your own, especially when you are in the thick of it.  Hiring someone who knows about getting unstuck speeds the process along.
  • Perhaps you want someone to help you figure out just what your big dream is.   It has been a long time since you have let yourself imagine things, since you have felt truly inspired.  I think, especially us moms, we are so focused on our kids, we forget how to focus on us and what we want, we become mommy martyrs. A coach can help you dig in and discover a new passion (or unbury an old neglected one), then help you get to work on making your dream a reality.
  • Then there is the ass-kicking.  You know you are destined for great things.  If only you could get off your butt and get cranking!  Well, having a coach who is not afraid to push your buttons and get you working is a sure fire way to make your dreams come true!
  • Some coaches are also really great at helping people get organized.  (Like me!)  I have a sweet spot for artists and creative types, who are not always the best at getting the business side of things running smoothly.  A coach  can work with you to set up systems and practices for managing the practical side of your creative enterprise.  This then frees up your time and mental energy for doing what you do best – making art and being creative.

“I had the pleasure of being coached by Lisa for about 5 months. During that time, she empowered and inspired me. I got to see how really powerful I am and created projects that would have never happened without her coaching. My husband and I were in the process of creating a gigantic business venture and with Lisa’s coaching, we were able to endure all the twists and turns of it all with ease. Through it all, I was able to see myself totally differently! I gathered tools that I am applying today in a whole new industry.

Lisa’s ability to pinpoint what was stopping me has helped me be a better wife, mom and most certainly a better business women.

Her ability to laugh at human nature and not take life so seriously made our time together fun and exciting!”

~ Cindy L. – from  Morrison, CO, Mother of 2,  Grandmother of 1

As your coach, here is what you can count on from ME:

  • I will hold sacred what you are up to.
  • I will only interact with you as the awesome, powerful woman that you are.  I will not buy into your crud about how you can’t do this thing.
  • I will help you figure out whatever is holding you back from fulfilling your dreams.  And then, together, we will do some serious battle with whatever that is resulting in your vision becoming the world class champion of all things possible.
  • I will be your cheerleader when you need it and your butt kicker when you need that.
  • I will celebrate with you all that you accomplish (which will be a lot).
  • I will help you plan, get organized and stay focused.

Ready to get started?

I offer both personal coaching (held over the phone)  and customized e-courses.