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Ok, ready to get to work?

We all wish we had more time.  I have never heard someone say, “Wow, I really wish there were less hours in the day.”  Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in the day.  Nothing we can do about that.  But, what you do with those hours is what makes the difference and,  even more importantly, how you perceive those 24 hours will determine just how much you are able to accomplish in any given day.

Have you ever noticed that the more stressed out you are about time, the more you wish you had more, the more you try to cram stuff in, that time just flies by and you are left only wanting more?

But, when you can slow things down, be present to the moment, and focus on what you are working on, then your effectiveness increases and your experience of life is waaaay more enjoyable?

So, that is what we are going to work on here, slowing things down.

But, first, lets start with why you want more time.  I find it really helps to be clear what about what you want before you go to work on changing things.

So, what would you do with more time?  What is it you are dreaming about that has you be here, reading this, wanting to feel like you have more time in your day?

Of course there is all the practical stuff that having more time would help with.. you know – all those house projects, reading that pile of books you want to dive into, getting done the gazillion things on your to do list.  Yes, more time would help with all of that.

But, I am not really interested in helping you with your to do list.  What I want is to see you being able to take some time (without feeling guilty or worried or stressed about it) to work on those things that you are passionate about, that light you up, that make your spirit soar.  I want to contribute to your dreams, giving you some time and space and freedom to go work on them…  so you can thrive and live your most perfect life!

So, what is it you are dreaming about?  What are you wishing you had more time for?  That thing that wakes up your soul and puts a smile on your face and makes you say YES!  I love my life!

Here is your assignment for the week:

1. Spend a few minutes in quite meditation getting present to what you are dreaming about.  Feel it.  Connect to it.  What is your dream?  Even if you don’t have a specific thing that you want to be doing, think about how it is that you want to be feeling as you go through life.

2.  Write about your dreams.  Spend some time writing out what you wish for in your life.  What do you want to be doing, feeling, thinking, making, loving, experiencing.  No one is going to be reading this, so let it all out, even those dreams that you have given up on but that creep in to your thoughts every now and then.  What are your dreams?

3.  Do some kind of visual art project that captures the essence of what it is that you want.  It can be a painting, a photograph, a drawing, a collage, anything.  Don’t worry about not being an artist.  This isn’t about making something to hang in a museum.  This is about you tapping into your heart and feeling what’s in there that wants to be expresses, it is about you getting in touch with what you want to accomplish.

4.  Share your dreams this week with someone.  It can be your partner, your kids, a friend, on your blog, etc.  Open your mouth and let your dreams spill out!  Open your heart and share what is in there wanting to get out.

5.  Come back here and let us know what you are getting out of doing this….  what did you learn about yourself?  What are you dreaming about?

That’s all there is to do this week.  Get connect to WHY you want to do this work.  This will set the foundation for the next 8 weeks.

Week Two ~ The Great Mind Dump and Tracking Your Time
Week Three ~ Perceptions and What Has Your Attention
Week Four ~ Find 2 Hours for Your Dreams
Week Five ~ When Was The Last Time You Asked For Help?
Week Six ~ What Are You Grateful For?
Week Seven ~ Making Changes That Become Habits
Week Eight ~ It’s All In Your Mind, A Little Pep Talk

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