Who Says You Can’t?

Oh, lovely dream of mine, I wish I could have you!

You know that thing that you really, really want but you aren’t doing right now? Well, why aren’t you?

“I can’t do that right now because…. ” You fill in the blank.

And whatever you put there feels pretty real.  It is a good likely story for why that big dream isn’t happening.

But you know what?  No matter what your reason, it’s not real.

Not enough money?
Could you give up your lattes for awhile and put that money toward that nice camera? Or stop going out to dinner? Or even be more radical and move your family into a cheaper, smaller apartment so you can funnel the savings into your big dream?

Not enough time?
How much time do you waste every day doing stuff that doesn’t really matter? Surfing the internet, watching TV, cleaning the corners of the bathroom with a toothbrush? If you were to track where your time goes you might be shocked just how much is “wasted” doing stuff that you don’t really need to be doing.

No one supports me.
So what? I know that sound harsh, but really, who cares? Even if it is your spouse – do it anyway. This is YOUR dream and unless your spouse really doesn’t care about your happiness, I’m willing to bet that they will come around when they see you totally fulfilled.

I’m too tired.
Well, get some more rest! Take care of yourself. Make your own well being a priority. And, even if you do feel tired and groggy, working on what you are passionate about is an excellent way to wake you up. Ever notice you don’t need as much sleep when your passion is burning and you’re totally into doing something you love? (remember falling in love? didn’t get much sleep then and I bet you felt GREAT!)

Get the point?

The only person saying you can’t do what you dream of is YOU.

You are the one with the excuses and the reasons. And though they may feel very real. They are not.

I recently read a story about a family who lived in a tent for 10 years while building their own home, with their own hands, totally off the grid and with zero debt. A tent?!

They now live free of a mortgage and bills. They grow most of their own food and barely have to work. For them, living those 10 years in some discomfort and inconvenience was worth it for them. They now live with quite a bit of abundance and freedom.

Now, that may sound extreme to you, but how bad do you want your dreams to come true? Are you willing to fight for them?

Stop telling yourself that you can’t and find a way.

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