When You Feel Shy and Scared to Go For Your Dreams…

Let’s talk about fear and VULNERABILITY, because I know it’s something that holds you back from going for those big dreams that really matter to you.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my sister.  She was thinking about joining the Visionary Mom Business Kickstart with me, something we’ve talked about her doing for almost a year.

Her story…

Before my baby sister became a mom, she was training to be a doula.  She had been around the birth community a lot, spent time at the births of many friends, and it’s what she was most passionate about.

And she is super good at doula-ing.  I know, because she was MY doula when my son was born.

She was the only sane person in the room – seriously.  Without her, I think I would have gotten lost in the la-la land I went into to cope with the pain.  She was a rock and her presence is what made that birth be powerful.   I’m not sure I would even be able to remember any of it except she kept me focused and paying attention.

A couple years later, she became pregnant with her own little dude and being on call 24-7 just wasn’t working.  She and her hubs live on a farm in Washington and her life quickly became about holding down the fort.

All along, though, she would talk about birthing stuff: loving it and missing it.  She would run into her midwife and they would “talk shop” and that passion would come up to the surface – her wanting to be a part of the powerful journey of women bringing babies into the world.

But, she had her son and busy farm life, and when could she really get back to it?

Is this sounding familiar?  Can you see where you might be putting stuff on hold, not sure how to fit in things that you deeply love (or used to love) with your busy, mama life?

We ALL feel that!  Trust me, you are not alone.

Then, along came baby #2 and the doula dream – that desire to make her own impact and be apart of something important got pushed further and further to the back burner.

So then, I start working with women to make their business dreams happen.  She and I would talk from time to time about HER dreams and I’d invite her to come play on a team.

But, she doesn’t.

Life goes on… the babies get taken care of, the chickens get fed, the food gets canned, the gardens get planted.

But there is still that doula dream simmering on the backburner!!    

Then, a few months ago, my gorgeous sister accidentally ends up at birth, being a stand in doula for a friend.  BOOM!  The passion and love for birthing and getting to be there and feeling like this is where she belongs is FIRED UP.

So, we talk about her joining a team again and one day, in my inbox is her registration.   WOAH??  My baby sister is doing it!!

But, here’s the thing….  She is still just as scared, just as unsure, just as worried about how to fit it in, how to make it happen, etc.

Even bigger than that, is this HUGE naked, vulnerable feeling of “what am I doing??”

Vulnerability is big time craziness.

Here we are with dreams and ideas and stuff we’re crazy passionate about.  But then we are scared shitless to go for it, to share it with the world, to put ourselves out there.

That makes absolutely no sense, but it’s what happens – a lot!   For all of us.

So, we hold back, we wait, we hesitate….

And the dream begs to come to the surface, it taunts us and reminds us of what we really love, trying to encourage us to go for it…

But, the fear holds us back..  again and again.

Until we just decide to freaking do it.  To find out, to see.

That’s what happened with my sister.  Today, on the phone, she said, “at least now I’ll know if this is what I’m supposed to do and I’ll stop wondering, that is worth it.”

Nonetheless, she feels scared and raw and OPEN.


Putting our dreams on the table and risking our heart is so unbelievably scary.

The Visionary Mom Business Kickstart officially gets underway today, but this past week, the team has been introducing themselves and getting to know each other.

My sister posted a bit of her story on our facebook group, really sharing herself, it was raw and REAL.  She immediately emailed me saying she thought it sounded stupid.

I immediately opened up facebook to read it and was moved to tears – by her honesty,  her truth.

The other team members were too.  And here she was, feeling like what she wrote was lame.

But, that worry – it’s what we all think and feel when we start to really go for it.  The fear and uncertainty, feeling like we sound lame, but also feeling that deep love for what we feel called to do at the same time.

No wonder we get stopped in our tracks!  It’s a wild bundle of emotions to feel all at once.

This may be you, too, wanting something, dreaming about it, but afraid.

I get it, I really do.  I’ve been there and I AM there, with my own current dreams and passions.

It’s what it is to be human and ALIVE.

My question to you is this:  what are you waiting for?

If you have a dream like my sister does, like I do, like most of the women I know do – that’s hanging out on the backburner, itching for attention, wanting to be realized, but you are scared (or unsure, or worried, or something)  – my question is this..


Whatever is in your heart, whatever impact you want to make, whatever way you want to contribute YOUR gifts to the world, we are waiting for it!

It’s not lame!   It’s amazing.

YOU, precious mama are a gift.


The Visionary Mom Business Kickstart is officially underway.  If your dream means having your own business… what are you waiting for?

This is THE most complete, actionable, deep, heartfelt, kick in the ass that you are ever going to get to stop HOLDING BACK and FREAKIN’ GO FOR IT!

Find out more here.
(We’ve already started, but you can still jump in until Thursday)

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