When Was The Last Time You Asked For Help?

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When was the last time you asked for help?

One of the problems I hear many mamas talk about is the guilt they feel asking for help so they can go do something that feeds their soul.  As if doing something for ourselves were a crime.

Well, it’s not.  What’s criminal is NOT taking time for yourself.

Yes, there is something noble and respectful about being there for our babies 24/7.  Always here to provide what they need.  But, if you are tapped out, ignoring your own dreams, and feeling guilty for wanting something that belongs to only you ~ well, how can that be a good thing for our little ones?

I was reading a book recently that cited a study that I found interesting.  The study asked a large group of children what they wanted more from their parents.  Most of the parents thought what the children would say is more time with mommy and daddy.  But, nope.  That’s not what the children said.

They said they want to see mom (or dad) more happy and less stressed out.

More time is not what they wished for.  YOU being happy is what they want.

So, stop feeling guilty for wanting that also!!  All the stuff about needing to be there 24/7 for them is stuff that WE made up.  It is not the truth.  Maybe if you are a drug addict, always neglecting your children, then, YES ~ what your kids will want and need is more of you.

But, if you are reading this blog, that isn’t you.  YOU are a pretty dang amazing mama who is there for your children, giving them oh so much love.  They will be fine if you sneak off to work on your own thing.  Really, they will.  In fact, I think they will be more than fine!!

I agree with this study.  I think more than anything, what our kids need from us is for us to be happy.  So, let’s start making that happen, shall we?

This week.. it’s time to tackle the time bending strategy of asking for help.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Ask your neighbor or a friend to watch the kids during the day so you can go take that class you’ve been wanting to take.
  • Ask your mate for Saturday mornings to be just for you.  They can get the kids up, fed, dressed, and entertained until you join them for lunch.
  • Ask your boss to use the empty office at work as a studio space that you can use at lunch time.
  • Ask the kid down the block to help you clear out the garage so you can make some room to work.
  • Ask your kids to entertain themselves so you can write in quiet for a little bit.
  • Ask your mom to fly in to watch the kids so you can go to that retreat.
  • Ask a friend to help you make that website you need, but have no idea how to do.
  • Ask someone you admire to mentor you so you can learn and grow.
  • Ask yourself for permission to just do it.   (this one can sometimes be the hardest) :)
  • Ask a buddy to check in with you and hold you to account, to make sure you take this time each week.
  • Ask everyone you know for referrals and to help you spread the word about what you are working on.

When was the last time you asked for help?  The kind of help that actually helps you to fulfill your dreams?  That is your assignment for this week.  Everyday ask someone to help you with something that will move your dreams forward. Every day.

Why do you think you have to do this all alone?

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