When I am An Old Woman, I Will Remember This…

Here we are with just a few days left in 2010.  This has been a wild ride of a year.  So much has happened in my life since I first started Visionary Mom on January 1.

I can honestly say that 2010 has not been my most favorite year.  The ending of a marriage stings no matter how you look at it. And then there was that dream of traveling full time with my family, which we were supposed to be doing by now.  Yeah, that stings too.

But, in all of that, there has been some amazing things too, like me going back to school to pursue something I have long thought about.  Also this Visionary Mom project, here with all of you is humming along at a really nice pace and I am so IN LOVE the amazing women I have gotten to know!

I am sure that You, too, have good stuff and bad stuff that has happened this year.  The question I have for you, is what are you focusing on?

Are you dwelling on the yucky stuff, wishing it all never happened and feeling pretty much stuck?

Or are you shining light on the growth you have experienced and the love you have felt this year?

Maybe as you get caught up in this time of reflection, you find yourself back and forth between the two?

Where ever you are right now, I think it is vitally important that you complete this year in a way that leaves you empowered, nurtured, appreciated and loved.

So you don’t drag the gunk into this next phase of your life.

I love New Years.  It is such a great chance to stop and reflect, to create, to take in our lives and to start anew.  And, who doesn’t like newness?  :)

So, how do you complete 2010 so you can jump into 2011 with all your passion and enthusiasm turned way up?

  1. First, you have to take stock. What happened?  What was good?  What was bad?  What do you regret? What did you accomplish?  Write it out.  Reflect. Tell the truth about how this year was for you.
  2. Then, ask yourself, what do you want to be acknowledged for this year?  Who did you become?  What did you learn?  Where did you bring your best self and inspire yourself and others?
  3. Who in your life needs some big time appreciation? Take the time to let them know, to share with them just how much they mattered and how they helped make your life better this year.
  4. As for the gunk stuff? Is there anything you can do to clear the waters here?  A person you could call and apologize to?  A project you could just declare is not going to happen?  A project you should start, even if it is just a small baby step that gets it moving ever so slightly?  Look to see if there is some action you can take to resolve those lingering regrets.  Sometimes, all you need to do is let it go.  Set it (and yourself) free.
  5. What do you want to remember about this year? There is all stuff you will remember because, how can you not?  But what do you want to remember?  What do you want this year to be about for you?  This is where you get to be a little creative and make something up.  So let’s talk more about that a little more…

You see, you get to say what this year was about for you.  YOU get to say.  No matter what actually happened.  You get to package that up however you want.  For me, this year has been about trusting myself.  Knowing what I need, not taking any s*&! and listening to my own heart.  It has also been about self discovery, finding the artist inside of me, embracing and celebrating her.

When I am an old woman, sitting in my rocking chair, sharing about my life.  I will tell my great-grand babies that 2010 was the year I became an artist.  That is what I want to remember.  That is the story I am putting down in the history books.  All the other stuff will still be there, but me discovering and celebrating the artist in me is what I am going to cherish.

Take the time over the next few days to create what 2010 was about for you. What do YOU want to remember?  What will you hold sacred?

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