What YOUR VOICE Wants You To Know

Your voice is that message inside that has something important to say. 

It’s the part of you that wants to make a difference and needs to celebrate all that matters.

It’s also the part of you that can’t look away and ignore the junk of life.  That stuff that doesn’t feel right, the lies that go against what you know in your heart to be true.

Your voice is all about love, beauty, truth, inspiration, courage, joy, and passion.  It wants nothing to do with hiding, telling lies, silence, and cruelty.


On behalf of Your Voice (because we’ve been chatting), here are some things she wants you to know:

1.  It’s okay to be afraid.
Who knows what will happen when you share your truth?  How will people react?  You can’t know that.  That’s okay.  Let the fear be there as an indicator that what you’ve got to say matters.  It’s important.  The fear is there because you care.

2.  Speak out more often.
About all the stuff you don’t talk about often enough.  Your dreams, what inspires you, the difference you want to make.   Share your heart, your passion, your fears.  Talk about the stuff that makes no sense and the stuff that makes you angry.  Fight for what’s right by opening your mouth.  And do it often.

3.  Pay attention.
Every time you knock yourself down with words, you cheat the world of who you really are.  You are not all that nasty garbage you tell yourself.  You aren’t.  So stop giving voice to that stuff.  Instead, speak about who you really are, what you care about, what you dream about.  Tell us what you love about your life and what you love about yourself.  The world likes to be reminded of how special you are.

4.  Ask for what you want.
People aren’t mind readers.  I know you know that, but it’s so easy to forget.  If you want something you aren’t getting, ask for it.  Having to do so doesn’t mean you aren’t loved, by the way.  Stop punishing the people around you because they don’t read your mind, automatically giving you what you want.  People just don’t know.  You have to ask.

5.  Fight to be heard.
Sometimes that means pushing your way to the front of the line to guarantee you get a turn.  Sometimes that means fighting with your own fear.  Those holding back habits will die hard.  At the beginning, it might be difficult.  There will be times when you’ll have to fight to get what you have to say OUT.  But, it’s a battle worth fighting.

6.  You can’t mess this up.
Sharing what you love, what inspires you, your passions is a beautiful thing.  Speaking your own truth is glorious.   Standing for good and honor and respect is heroic.  You might fumble the words, or not say it quite like you imagined.   That’s okay.  The very act of speaking is so awesome, people will forgive.  You might offend or push someone away or make someone angry.  Yup, that might happen, but withholding is a far greater expense.  Tiny deaths happen inside of ourselves every time we don’t speak our truth.  So, the only way to mess up is by keeping silent.


Truth telling and giving voice to all that matters is not an easy thing.  It takes practice and courage and a willingness to rock the boat.  But, there is nothing more powerful, nothing more inspiring, nothing more awesome than living life being 100% who you are, with no holding back.



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