What is YOUR Big Dream?

So, you have a dream.

Something that lights you up, makes you smile and gets your wheels spinning.

Now, what do you do with it?

Keeping your big dream to yourself is generally not a good idea in my opinion.  You need to get out there and share it with the world.

This can be scary.  Sometimes really freakin’ scary!

But it must be done.  Trying to keep it to yourself and work on it in secret doesn’t let the dream get big.  How can it expand and grow and blossom if no one knows about it?

Yes, there will be people who nay-say your dreams, who tell you it can’t be done, or laugh at you, or say we’ll see….

But who cares about all that?  This is your DREAM!  You have to find a way to have strength in your own sharing voice.  The voice of your heart, your dreams, your passions.  The voice that is going to tell people what you want, who you are,  and what you are up to.

The best way to build up that strength is to practice.

Get our there and start sharing with as many people as you can.  Some people will get excited and will encourage you.  Others will look at you like you have a toaster growing out of your ear.  Doesn’t matter.

The point is to just share.  Feel your own excitement, notice how it changes when people don’t love what you are saying.  See if you can be excited anyway.  Build up that strength to just share yourself and what you dream about.  This is an important skill to have if you are really going to live your dreams.

Sharing your heart can be scary, I know, but when you do and people get it and what you are all about – that is a great feeling.   Not only does it empower you to keep going, you will probably gain some real partners that will help make your dreams a reality.

I have a challenge for you….

Share your BIG dream with at least 10 new people this week. See what happens- notice if you feel empowered or if you shrink back, notice if you  share your dream in a BIG way or a small way.  Practice sharing from your heart and really letting go.

You can start here, in the comment section.  Let the readers of Visionary Mom know what you are up to.

This, for sure is a safe place to share, an encouraging place to put your dreams out there.

So, go ahead, tell us, What is YOUR big dream?

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