What is Your Art?

We are all creative and brilliant.

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Yes, even you!

Do you ever doubt your own creativity, or wish you were more “artistic” or tell yourself that living a creative life if for someone else?

I think we all do this from time to time.

But, you are creative.

You make art, in your own special way.

Living a creative life does not mean you have to paint or sew or know how to decorate.

You can be creative in the way you dress, in how you listen, in the way you raise your kids.

You can be creative at dinner time without being a master chef.

You can be creative in how you help others, or how you go after your own dreams.

You can be creative at your work, even if you’re an accountant!

You can be creative as you walk through the forest, or as you tidy up your house.

Art is everywhere!

The opportunity to create and connect and experience life as a magical place full of chances to express yourself…

Those are artistic moments.

Life is your canvas.

So, what do you want to create?


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