What Is My Truth by Denise Andrade

A weekly series ~ Share YOUR Truth. Giving all of you a chance to share your truth, celebrate it, embrace it and proudly be who you really are…

This week we get to hear from the lovely and kind soul, Denise Lynette Andrade aka Boho Girl.

What is my truth?

My truth is that sometimes I feel words fail to express the depths of what my truth is and a simple image can tell my story.

We all resonate and marinate and learn and grow and become inspired in different ways by viewing the world through our own experiences.  So some of you will look at this image and see/hear the story you need to hear in this moment.  So, I choose to not get in the way of your own personal journey by projecting my own journey onto this moment for you.

This is me, wearing the name of my son imprinted on this Bella Wish pendant around my neck.  Today, this image is my truth.  It is your truth. Tomorrow…perhaps the words will come.

Yet another lesson in being enough.

Denise Andrade is the writer of the widely read blog, Boho Girl where she has chronicled her journey of leaving the corporate world to start a creative career, as well as her path of fertility, adoption, motherhood and the raw, honest layers of emotion that come with it all.   She is a photographer of artists and will soon be teaching a course online.  Denise is currently living in Southern California with her husband and son but in the process of manifesting a juicy new life in the Pacific Northwest.

Want to share YOUR truth?  You can submit a photo, an essay, a video, a story.. whatever you think would best communicate your own, personal truth.

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