What is Coaching?

I am not going to lay you on the couch and uncover all your suppressed childhood memories.  No way!  That does not even sound like fun.  What I am going to do is work with you to get your dreams fulfilled, starting from wherever you are right now.

I like to use sports as an analogy.  Let’s say that I am a baseball coach and you are a baseball player.   You will show up for practice happy or grumpy or tired, or wherever you are.  My job is to get you to focus, so we can get to work.  We do that.  Then, you start to warm up.  This looks like you and I discussing what you want, what your dreams are, where you are at right now.  Then you start to play ball.  I watch and observe.

You see, it is really difficult to see your own habits and patterns, like how you hold the bat (or how you always apologize before asking what you want).  But, I can see clearly from my point of view (because I am observing and not playing, I’m not in it).  I can point out to you the things that will greatly improve your game.  So you go back out on to the field and you try the things we talked about.  Lo and behold, you are now hitting so much better!  Yay!  I cheer you on.  High fives all around.

Then, there are those times when you fall asleep in left field and totally drop the ball.  As your coach, it is my job to say, “Hey, what were you thinking!?  WAKE UP!  You can’t sleep on the job!  Stay focused!”

You see, coaching. (like my baseball analogy?)   We will not be processing through all the childhood memory gunk.  There are other people who are much better at that then me!

What I am good at is getting you to achieve what you are committed to.

Ready to get started?

I offer both personal coaching (held over the phone)  and customized e-courses/coaching.