What Are You Grateful For?

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What Are You Grateful For?

I’ve talked about gratitude before, but I want to bring it up again as we are working on this whole time thing.

One of the challenges of living a powerful, passionate, dream fulfilled life, is being seduced by the “grass is always greener” mentality.  As we start to dream and imagine a more fulfilled life, the one we have RIGHT NOW has a tenancy  to seem not so great in comparison.

Has this ever happened to you?

You think, wow, I could go do ___________ (insert your current passion or dream).  But since that is not a reality right now, whatever you are working on in the present just doesn’t feel quite as sexy or exciting.  So then you get hyper focused on making the dream happen, you plan, you google, you chat with people, you daydream, you make endless to-do lists and you gogogo.  Then, if things don’t move along quite fast enough, you end up feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by what it will take, the dream feels hard.  You get deflated, and for sure you know that you DO NOT have enough time to make this dream come true.  So you try harder, get more organized, etc.. and the gogoGO starts all over again.  Not very fulfilling, is it?

This has happened to me more times than I would really want to admit.  And, I know that it has happened over there with you at times, maybe even right now.

It is a dance, for sure, staying in the moment, appreciating all that life has to offer us right here and now, and then looking out to the future ~ creating possibilities and opportunities beyond what we currently have in our lives.

The trick to balancing high up on that tight rope is to take the time to be grateful.  To appreciate and love all that is right now.  This will then give you the space to imagine and to dream of the future.

Ways to experience gratitude:

  • Meditation is really powerful.  Here is a great gratitude meditation that you can use.
  • Journal and write down what you are grateful for.  Do this every day.
  • Share with someone in your life what you appreciate and love about them.
  • Make declarations all the time about the things you love in your life.  You can do this out loud, on facebook, on twitter, your personal blog,  etc.  Make at least one public declaration every day.
  • Go walk in nature and take in the beauty all around you, allow yourself to be in the moment, loving the earth we live on.

There are, I’m sure, a ton of other ways to tap into what you are grateful for, but these are easy ways that will make an immediate impact.

Your assignment this week:
Whenever you are feeling hurried, rushed, anxious to get stuff done, inadequate, etc.. STOP! and take a moment to appreciate all that is RIGHT NOW.  This will significantly slow down time and leave you feeling fulfilled in your life.

What are you grateful for in your life?
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