Hey there! My name is Lisa Work and I am all about making BIG dreams happen. Business dreams, travel dreams, artist dreams.. whatever it is that inspires your soul and has you truly love your life.

I work exclusively with moms, because, well, I think we are pretty dang awesome and our dreams matter! Don’t you? :)

The Visionary Mom Toolkit is a super duper awesome free resource to help you get focused on making your dreams a reality. It’s full of videos, worksheets and big time Visionary Thinking to inspire the heck out of you. Be sure to sign up to get instant FREE access. Then, we can also stay in touch. :)


The Visionary Mom Toolkit

A FREE resource to help you live your dreams.

  • Say goodbye to the mama guilt – once and for all!
  • Discover what you are truly passionate about.
  • Explore and rediscover your dreams.
  • Get organized and be way more productive, so you can start making those big ideas happen!
  • Learn the best strategy for accomplishing your goals
  • Find out how to get motivated in the face of fear, doubt and uncertainty.
  • Plus… You’ll get news and updates from Visionary Mom.

The Toolkit is 15 videos + 7 worksheets to help you live your dreams.

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