Week Two of Feeling Like You Have More Time

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Getting All That Stuff Out of Your Head

Two things that keep you feeling overwhelmed and like you don’t have enough time the things you would like to be doing are:

1.  Having too many things swimming around in your head.

2.  Wasting time on crap that does not lift you up and make you feel alive.

So, we are going to look at both of these this week.

Let’s start with all the junk in your head.

You’ve got ideas.  Lots and lots of ideas.  And with those ideas, comes a bunch of stuff to add to your to do list.  Trying to keep track of all that stuff can be pretty overwhelming.  And overwhelm is the poison of us feeling productive.  Being productive makes us feel like we have more time.

The brain dump.

The thing to do with all that stuff clouding your mind is to do a brain dump.  But you can’t just dump your brain anywhere.  You need to find a place that you can find again easily, when you are ready to deal with those awesome ideas!   It’s good to have a system that works for YOU.  Everyone has a different system or a different take on some of the tried and true methods of keeping track of our ideas.  So, you will have to experience until you find something that really works best for you.

Here is the system that I use:

I have a small day planner book.  In it I have a calendar with my daily and weekly to do lists.  Sometimes I use them and sometimes I don’t.  What I do use are sections I have created in the back filled with loose leaf paper.  I have one for this blog, one for blog post ideas, one for things I want to do with my kids, one for craft projects I want to do, a master to do list (the things I need to do and really will get to one day! :) )  and one I brilliantly call “ideas”.  I use these pages ALOT.  And I keep my book near me so I can use it when I need to jot something down.  Right next to me when I am in the computer or in my bag when I am out and about.  I have trained myself (takes time) to write things down when I think of stuff or come across something I want to revisit in the future.   And, I regularly (about once per week) go through my lists – add to them, pick things to start working on, cross dumb ideas off, etc.

Some people use their computer or a notebook.  It doesn’t really matter what you use, so long as you use it!!  Scrap pieces of paper that will likely get lost or accidentally thrown away are not the best place to dump your brain.  :)

Once you know where you will leave your most cherished thoughts and brilliant imaginings, find a few moments of uninterrupted quiet and start writing down everything you have been thinking about.  All the stuff you want to get done.  All those things that “need” to get done.  All the shoulds, the wishes, the projects, the people you want to know, the house projects, the chores, the dreams, the things you hope to do some day.  Get it all out.   You can do it all on one page(s) and organize it later or write things down in groups (ie-house projects, blog ideas, crafty things, etc.).  However it going to work for you.

Keep writing.  Wring your brain until it is dry.  Until there is nothing left to write.

Do this often, it will free up your mental space and give you some room to think!! When your mind is not so full of all the little details, when you do sit down to get something done, you will more easily be able to focus.  Which will have you be able to work faster, giving you the experience of having more time!

Tracking Your Time

I am 100% convinced that most of us feel like we don’t have enough time is because we are wasting it away on junk that does not fulfill us.  Things like TV, internet surfing, doing needless chores, driving all over town running errands, etc.  Not that we shouldn’t do any of these things, but I think that most of us are spending too much time on these kinds of tasks.

Watching a little TV at the end of the day is one thing. Spending 4 (or more!)  hours watching television when what really feeds your soul is painting or taking pictures or doing something else creative is another.

We long to be creative and spend our days doing things that really nourish us and make us feel full and happy and satisfied in this life.  And yet, instead of spending time working on the stuff that lifts us up, we waste time on things that don’t really matter to us. Not really. In the grand scheme of things.

And, I know that you may be thinking that this doesn’t apply to YOU!  But, I think you will be surprised.

Your assignments for this week:

1.  Track your time.  Get a small notebook or something that you can keep with you at all times.  Write down how you are spending your time.  Do it for the entire week if you can (I never can!) but a few days will most likely give you some insight about where your time goes.  Write down ALL of it!!  Time spent taking a shower and other bathroom activities, time preparing food, driving, just hanging out with your kids, surfing the net, taking pictures, cleaning the nooks and crannies, etc.  Pick a typical day and capture all of it.  Don’t try to change your day to be an ideal day, track how it normally really goes.

2.  Don’t beat yourself up for whatever you discover from doing #1.  It is always a good thing to see where you are at right now so you can get to where you want to be.

3.  What did you notice about tracking your time??  Do some journal work capturing your insights from doing this exercise.

4.  Do a brain dump.  Free your mind and see what happens as a result of doing that.

5.  Come back here and share what you’ve learned about yourself this week.  :)

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