Wanna Chat About Visionary Living?

I’ve been toying with the idea of hosting a live chat/conference call to give you guys a chance to discuss (with me!) what it takes to live a Visionary Life.

So, I’ve put together a twice monthly call series, that will dive into how to live a life that is full of inspiration, fulfillment, joy, passion and deep satisfaction.

The first call of the series will be this Saturday at 12 noon EST.  The call will run for 45 minutes and you’ll have a chance to ask questions and get coaching, directly from me!

Our topic this week is:  “My Formula for Living a Visionary Life.”  We’re going to discuss the key elements that, when present, will guarantee your life will be freaking Uh.MA.zing!

Want to join us?  Just enter your email below and I’ll send you details about how to get on the call.   AND if you can’t join us on Saturday, no worries, I’ll send you the link to listen at your convenience.

Sign up for this FREE series here:



I hope to hear your lovely voice this Saturday!
xo, Lisa


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