VM Jam Sessions Weekly Check-In and Action Plan

One of the biggest factors to being productive and producing results is having a CLEAR plan and a way to stay accountable with your plan.

Every week, due by Sunday is the weekly game plan/action sheet, found below.   The first part of the form is to complete on what you DID or DIDN’T do from the previous week.  The second part is to create your game plan for the coming week.

Every Month, there will be a PRIZE for the person that took the most actions week to week.  To qualify:  you have to submit your form every week!   I will keep track of the actions you promise and the actions you take every week.  At the end of the month, I’ll announce the winner.  WOOHOOO!!!

Games are fun and I invite you to play FULL OUT.  Your business is counting on you to keep taking action, so can make more money and THRIVE as a business owner.

I will send you a copy of the form via email, with any thoughts I have, every Monday.

Weekly Game Plan/Action and Accountability Worksheet