Visionary Living

All of this… The Visionary Mom Toolkit, my blog, and the services I offer is all about giving you permission and creating some space that allows for you to be living your dreams.

I really believe that having us mamas out there in the world, doing things that inspire us, makes the world a better place.

Living a Visionary Life is not just about doing stuff.

Sure, there is plenty of that. But, it’s also about being and connecting and experiencing life in a way that brings us joy. It’s about freedom. Freedom from the things that get in our way, freedom to do what we love, and freedom to live with all of our hearts.

That’s why I’m excited to offer you one more FREE resource to help you live your dreams…

The Visionary Living LIVE Conference Call!

Please join me on Saturday Mornings for Visionary Living, a free twice monthly conference call dedicated to all of you.

On each call, we’ll discuss topics related to living a Visionary Life and how to do that while being a mom. I’ll answer reader questions, and from time to time interview inspiring mamas who are living their dreams.

Have a question you want answered? Once you sign up for the call, you’ll be directed to a place where you can ask your question.

And, you don’t have to be on the call to have your questions answered! I will record the calls and send you a download link after each call.

Feel free to ask me anything about what you’re learning here in the Toolkit, what you struggle with, how to make your dreams come true, and how to balance pursuing your passions with motherhood.

Sign up to get access to the calls below:



And don’t worry, if you miss a call, I’ll send you a link to the recording, that you can download and listen to whenever you like.