Vision, Purpose & Passion: What the heck all that means and How to Be Visionary

We all talk alot about passion and purpose.  I talk around here about Vision.  Well, how do you go about living a Visionary Life?

First, some Lisa definitions:


It tugs at your heart, makes you smile.  You think about it all the time.  The wheels get spinning easily.  Ideas.  There are plenty of those.  When you are passionate about something, it is part of you, your life blood, what makes you tick.


This may or may not be that same as your passion.  Purpose usually has nothing to do with you.  It’s about those around you, the people you impact and how you make a difference in their lives.    Purpose is about sharing your gifts with the world, helping to make it a better place.


This is what you set out to do.  Think of missionaries venturing out to speak their truth and bring more people into their way of thinking.


Take all of that – your passion, your purpose and your mission, combine them all and you will see a new world, new possibilities, new ways of living and being.    What once seemed totally impossible now has it’s own heart beat.  Dreams and ideas, fully realized.  You can see it,  feel it, taste it.  This is your vision.

How do you create a visionary life?

1.  You have to be clear about your passion, your purpose, and your mission. From there, a vision will show up.  A vision for your life and the lives of the people around you.

2.  You declare it, own it, share it. You vision is beautiful, please don’t be afraid to share it.

3.  You live it. You work hard to line your life up with that vision.  You let go of the things that don’t match, that weigh you down.  You bring in more of the stuff that lift you up, closer to what you see possible.

4.  You eagerly learn and grow. You know that to bring newness in you have to learn new ways to think.  You have to shed the thinking of the past and invent new rules to the game.  This takes patience and courage.  But, you know that standing still will get you no where, so you walk toward learning and you embrace the fragile spaces of growth.

5.  You are gentle with yourself. Nothing happens over night.  You may even fail to bring about these new changes, but you don’t give up.  You are kind with yourself as you venture forward.

6.  You help others. Part of learning, of living a big, beautiful life is about reaching out, offering a hand and lifting the people up around you so that they can shine, right along with you.

7.  You find the help that you need. You know that you can’t always do it alone.  You ask for help, you get advice, coaching, support, whatever you need to keep going, to keep moving forward.

8.  You celebrate all the miracles and beauty and kindness around you. You rejoice in the opportunity to live this life without taking it for granted.  You know that to keep creating, to keep living into your dreams, you have to stop and appreciate all that is happening, right now, in this very second.

9.  You speak out. Your voice counts.  What you have to say matters, so let it rip!  Start a revolution, inspire a movement, ignite the passion in others.

Do it now!
What can you do today that is visionary, that makes a difference, that has you and the people around you shine?  Share with me in the comments below.    And, if you are stuck, trying to figure out what your passion or purpose is, stay tuned.  I will be talking more about this in the next few days!

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