Updates and Checking In

Hey Mamas!

I am mad dashing to the finish line, putting all the final touches on the Visionary Mom Toolkit.  Wowzas!  This thing is pretty intense!  I’ve totally poured my heart into it, creating a rock solid resource that will help each and every one of you get way more stuff done in your life.

But not just any stuff… that wild, set your heart free, do what you love, live with passion kind of stuff.

If you want to get in on the action.. be sure to sign up for my newsletter over there to the right and I’ll send you your free, all access the pass to The Toolkit the very second it’s ready.

And then, I have a new Visionary Mom Team starting at the end of the week, and I am so in love with the moms on that team already!!

With this new team, I am reworking the structure and delivery of the program to help you really, no kidding accomplish some big things during our four months of working together.  There will be more laser, specific to YOUR needs coaching from me, an easier interface to help you get right to work, and alot more digging in, clearing out the junk that gets in your way.

But it’ll still have that amazing safe, intimate, nurturing space that all the teams have loved.

There is still a spot or two available if you want to jump in, by the way.   😉  Details here.

AND, on top of all that,  I’m doing a remodel of this space… whew!  No wonder I feel a bit nuts!

Without a doubt, there are some crazy new, big happenings around here!!

I am so out of this world excited.

There are good, powerful things coming your way.  Look out!

So, needless to say, but wanted to come by here to say so anyway…

I probably won’t be around here too much this week and may in fact put up a big ugly, “closed for maintenance sign” at some point.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

But, the shut down should be short and then I’ll be back, balls to the wall, ready to help you make every single, amazing, fantabulous dream of yours come true.

Ta ta for now….  Rock on!!


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