Up and Down and All Over The Place

Ever feel like that?

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That’s me, right now.  I’m seriously in shock that it is March (and a lovely spring feeling day here in Colorado).  But March?  How did that happen?

Life is going fast right now, a gazillion ideas and projects and works in progress.  Plus a bunch of stuff patiently waiting in the queue to get my attention.

In the moving and grooving of all of that, I have caught myself feeling all over the place… crazy, over the moon inspired; frustrated with my annoying  habit of putting things off to the last minute;  totally loving my life and all the good things happening; beating myself up for not “being there” enough for my kids; wishing I had more time or was more organized; and so exhilarated by the projects I am working on, I can’t sleep at night.


Up and down, happy and sad, empowered and feeling rotten.

This is what life looks like when you have a passion and a mission and creative urges that MUST get fulfilled.

It’s messy and wobbly and fun and scary as hell!

And, it’s amazing to be living life this way.  It’s full and fulfilling.

I think alot of us (myself included) think that if we get on this path of passion and purpose that life will be easy and happy all the time.

But, life is not like that.  Especially when you are really busy LIVING it.

Life wants you to experience her, feel her, savor her.

And, to do that, you have to open yourself up to feel all of it.

And all.of.it. is not perfect.  It’s messy.  As most creative endeavers are.

Ever watched your kids play?  It’s messy.  Painting?  Messy.  Sewing? Messy.  Writing?  Messy (have you seen my desk when I am knee deep in it?)   Cooking? Messy.

Creativity is messy.

And with it comes strong emotions.  That happens when your heart is wide open, when you are digging in, when you are welcoming the creative force to manifest itself through you.

So, perfection?  Smooth and steady?  Easy?  Peaceful?

Probably not going to happen.  Maybe some moments of blissed out peace, if you’re lucky. 😉

So, my dear, sweet mama friends….

Go easy on yourself.  You may not get to all of it (very likely especially when there is SO MUCH you want to do!) and you may mess up and forget things and make a big gigantic mess in your passionate efforts to express yourself.   It’s okay.

Perfection and being on top of it all is overrated.  :)

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