The Make A Plan Workshop

Do you have a dream, an idea or something BIG you want to make happen?

Are you frustrated with yourself for spending too much time thinking about your idea and not enough time actually making it happen?

I know how it is to be full on inspired about an idea and then kick myself for not getting started. It’s annoying as hell!

Does this sound familiar? You sit down to work on an idea – to plan stuff out – and then feel completely overwhelmed? Or better yet, you start to work on something and then loose your motivation and drive to stick things out? Are you one of those people that start out strong and then abandon your project without finishing?

The problem many of us face is that we don’t have an effective strategy for mapping out a powerful course of action and then sticking to it!

What if you could – without feeling overwhelmed – sit down and create an action plan to make any dream you want for your life happen? And then know exactly what there is to do and in what order, to get started?

Imagine if getting into action felt easy and free and empowering ~ because you would know that you were taking the right actions to get to where you want to go. What if you knew, without a doubt, that you were set up to succeed – to really make your dreams a reality?

Well, that’s where The Make A Plan Workshop comes in.

This workshop is designed to walk you – step by step – through the process of planning out your dreams.

The Make A Plan Workshop makes planning so easy!

You will set clear goals with actual DATES (say goodbye to “someday”) and map out specific things you want to accomplish.

You’ll also get organized so you can start taking action (without feeling overwhelmed).

This a very effective way to plan – and will help you make BIG stuff happen!

What You’ll Accomplish in This Workshop:

  • Create a Vision for your project so it can be the backbone of your plan.
  • Establish real results that are specific and give you an actionable game plan.
  • Break up the BIGNESS of your project into bite sized chunks – so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Set up a sacred space that allows you to work and be productive.
  • Get the kind of support that will make sure you succeed.
  • Confront the voices in your head that say it can’t be done (and learn how to quiet them).
  • Start taking action and set yourself up to keep taking action.

The Make A Plan Workshop includes:

  • A 42 page workbook with worksheets, ideas and step by step instructions for how to create a MAP for your dreams.
  • 10 videos created by me to discuss further the ideas in the workbook. Each video is less than 10 minutes long, so you can squeeze them into your busy schedule.
  • A month of loving email reminders to help you stay on track and support you to COMPLETE the workshop.
  • Unlimited email support from me whenever you have a question or you get stuck.

This workshop is designed so that you can work through it at your own pace, going as fast or as slow as you need to go. But, at the end, if you do all the steps, you WILL have a complete plan to guide you as you get started on making your dream come true! How awesome is that?!

You will get instant access to the Workshop after you complete your purchase.

Ready to create your own MAP to make your dreams come true?

The Make A Plan Workshop – $29

You will get the workbook, access to the videos, email prompts and unlimited email support from me.

What Others Have Said About The Make A Plan Workshop:

This workbook was one of the most instrumental tools in my creation process.

I will continue to use this layout for any creative processes in my future. It’s just that good. I worked through it with a couple of phenomenal women (whom I connected with in one of the Visionary Mom Teams)  and I totally recommend finding someone to walk beside you in this.

Alicia Theide
Milagro Girl

The workshop is friendly, approachable, and consistent in providing practical direction for pursuing your dream.

Lately, I’ve been feeling in so many ways that I haven’t kept up with the growth in my life in the past few years and this has left me blinking with questions about my purpose while carrying around the weight of direction-less living. Truly, this workshop is turning up new ground for me, and I feel so re-energized already!

What we all need is a tangible way to reach and grab those dreams from the billowy clouds and stake them into the ground where they can take root and flourish. This is what the Make A Plan Workshop is about.”

Megan Tietz
Sorta Crunch