Time For Some Spring Cleaning?

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Oh how I love Spring!

There is just something so yummy about the warmth in the air, the little buds on the trees, ants crawling around outside and sparkles of green poking up from the ground.

I think this time of year is a good time to take a moment to reflect and check in with yourself.

It is a time of renewal, of birth, of newness.

What are you giving birth to? Or what do you want to bring newly into the world? What are some of those ideas and dreams that (with a little love), might blossom and bloom into something magical?

Do you have a dream or an idea that has been sitting on the back burner gathering dust?

Now is the time to bring it out, clean it off and get started on making it a reality!

I think we can give a new meaning to spring cleaning.  In addition to digging in to bring some new sparkle to our homes, we can also dust off our dreams, clean them up, and give them new life.

Plant some seeds.

Share your dreams!  Schedule a tea date with a friend to share with each other what you are dreaming about right now.  Leave a comment with what you are dreaming about down below or over on the VM facebook page. Or let the world know what your vision is on your own blog.  However you do it, share your dreams.  Dust them off, clean them up.

Put your amazing ideas out there and see how they grow!

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