This Whole Thing is An Act of Creativity

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As we are talking about creating intentions, I think it is important to focus a bit more on the creating aspect of that.

Which, by the way, could be an AMAZING intention to create.  (More about that in a minute.)

So, what do I mean to create an intention?

Well, the dictionary defines creativity as “to bring into existence.”  And that is exactly what I mean.  To bring something into existence into your life.  Something that isn’t really there, or not as fully experienced as you want it to be.

It is NOT about fixing or changing something in your life that is not working!

It is about using your imagination, dreaming, opening your heart and letting in whatever it is that you want for your life.

So, an intention of “being determined” is doubtfully something that your heart is longing for.  If you were to add some more determined energy to your life, that would only be a means to an end.  Sitting around experiencing determination is not what you really want for your life. (I hope)

What you are really after is bigger than that and way more inspiring!

But, we trick ourselves into thinking that is we were just more _________ (fill in the blank) that we could then finally get to all that stuff we want to DO and then we will hopefully start to feel more  __________ (again fill in the blank).

We all have some version of this…

“If I could just get more organized, I will feel more calm.”

“If I could be more focused, I will be so much more successful.”

“If I had more will power, I will feel more healthy.”

NONE of this is an act of creativity.  It is all just fixing stuff that is wrong with us.  Or our lives.

So, to really, truly create an intention, you have to let go of all the junk that is, all the stuff that is not, and every single thing that will never be.

If you looked at this like creating art, to begin, you have to have a blank canvas.    You start with nothing there.  Then, you begin.

Same thing with creating an intention.  You have to stop, bring yourself into the moment, be still, and listen.  Let go of all the stuff you want to fix and change and just be in your life.  What do you want to experience?  What do you want to feel?

And then create from that space of quiet.

What do you want for you life?  What do you want to experience in the coming year?  THAT will be your intention.

And, you could create something about creating as your intention.

Imagine a year of coming from that space of quiet, inventing, imagining, allowing the possibilites of life to be expressed through you?

What kind of amazing things could you make happen if your intention for this year was to be creative?  Or to savor creativity?  Or to embrace the creative spirit?

Just giving you some ideas of what you might want to create as your intention. :)

Are you beginning to see that YOU have the power to experience life any way you want?

Awesome, huh?

Day Four of The Intention Series

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