This One Thing Might Save Your Life

Ok, maybe not your life.  But, for sure, your sanity.

Which is a huge thing you need intact if you are going to celebrate and enjoy your life.  So, yeah, maybe your life.  :)

What is this life saving thing?


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Yes, I know, I’ve talked about planning alot, though not as much recently. That’s because I have been working on this project and a funny thing happened….

The project is a DIY workshop/guidebook about Planning Your Dreams.

It’s good.  REALLY good.

I’ve taken all my experience with planning, all my tips, all my “how to” and  advice for really good, effective planning and put it together in a workbook that you can use to plan out your dreams, your ideas, your awesome purpose and vision for life.

You’ll be able to just buy the workbook and work on it at your own pace, or you can purchase the complete workshop – videos, step by step guidance, email prompts, etc, so you don’t have to go diving into this on your lonesome.

I’ve been working on this since at least Christmas (though I think it was earlier than that).  I had grand visions of a New Years launch, then something in February, then March and well, guess what?  Here we are at the end of March and no workbook.

Why?  (this is the funny part)

I had no PLAN!

Yup, I was just working on it when I had time (which is like, never), or when I felt like it (which is sometimes, but not very often) or when I remembered (oh yeah, I have that book I am working on).

Progress has been, well, slow.

And that slowness left me feeling frustrated, annoyed (with myself), and ready to throw in the towel.

Sound familiar?

We all do this.  We have ideas and things we want to do, but nothing happens with them.  Why? Because we don’t have a plan.  That’s what I realized a couple of weeks ago with this project.

So, what did I do?  I sat down and created a plan – a good plan – using all the stuff that’s in the book!

And now it is happening.  And I love working on it.  It’s not a source of stress and frustration.  It is a fulfillment of a vision that I have.  To empower each and every one of you to live your dreams.  For ME to be living my dreams.

I’ve made more progress on the book in the past few weeks (even with taking a week off for spring break) than I have in the past few months.

The book is almost ready. :)  And I’m so excited about it!

It will be available for you to purchase so you can get started on making your own magical dreams come true on April 18th.   (more about that in a week or so)

Will planning really save your life?

It just might.  If you are really, no kidding taking action on your dreams, connected to your purpose, shining your amazing brilliance on all those around you, then, yeah, your life is saved in many ways.

You will be thriving and that’s definitely worth something.

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