This One Thing Can Make ANY Dream Come True

I’ve been crazy busy this past month.

Pretty much all my attention has been on majorly cleaning up, painting and preparing my Granny’s house for us to move into. Then there was the moving in part.

Oh and don’t forget the basement flooding the first week.  Whew!  Yes, crazy indeed.

But now we are done, settled in and I’m busy reading design blogs getting ideas for how I want to spruce things up. :)

While I’ve been totally focused on this project, pretty much nothing else has been happening. Very little writing, business building, outdoor playing, art making, etc. Any left over energy was 100% devoted to the mamas on the Visionary Mom Teams.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how amazing it is that we got so much done in so little time. We seriously kicked ass and met our deadline to have the move complete before school started (which was yesterday and awesome btw!).

From all this, I’ve come to this one big realization:

Whatever you focus on and pay attention to is what creates your life.

Sounds simple, but this is really important.

I hear so many people say “I wish…..” and then feel like crud because whatever it is that they want just isn’t happening.

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But, the only way to have the life of your dreams is to focus on, pay attention to and take action on whatever it is you want.

For me, I decided that I want my own house to live in.  So I set a pretty unreasonable deadline, got my family inspired by my mad plan and then gave the bulk of my attention and energy to doing whatever was needed to make that goal happen.  It was hard work.  And I poured my heart and soul into this project, even if that meant other things were not getting much attention from me while I dug in.

But, now I have a really awesome little house to live in that I love!

Everyday when I’d wake up to go work on the house, did I always want to? Heck no! In fact, often I didn’t. Deep house cleaning? Not my thing.

But, the dream, the vision of raising my kiddos in the same house that I grew up in. THAT is what I focused on, THAT is what I gave my attention to, THAT is what I took action on.

That dream is what I talked and thought about while I scrubbed walls and ripped up carpet.

And so, in a very short time, I fulfilled one of the things I wanted for myself this year:  A great home to live in that is super affordable and that gives us the space we need to make all our dreams come true.

So, the one principal that can make your dreams come true is this:

[box] “Whatever you focus on, pay attention to, and take action toward is what gives you the life you’re living.” Tweet this quote! [/box]

Here’s how to apply this in real life:

First, some examples of how this doesn’t work:

  • Wishing to be more creative, but focusing, paying attention to and taking action toward having the cleanest house on the block.
  • Wanting to leave your day job and start your own business, but focusing on getting that raise, paying attention to trying to make your work better, and only taking the normal day to day going to work actions.
  • Dreaming about selling your house and traveling the world with your family, but focusing on house projects, paying attention to stuff your want to do around the house, and taking action on making your yard awesome.

All of that attention and action is GREAT if what you most want in life is a clean, orderly home or you really love your job and want to be super successful doing whatever you’re doing, or if you your dream is to have the most awesome home to come home to everyday.

If, however you want the other stuff, here’s how to apply this principal to make those things happen:

  • You are wishing to be more creative, so you focus on all things creative, you pay attention to opportunities to make stuff, and you take action every day, no matter what, to do something fun and creative in your life.
  • You want to leave your job and start your own business, so you focus on what you want to do, you learn, you plan, you dive into your ideas and you take action every day, no matter what, on starting that business.  ‘
  • You dream of traveling full time with your family in an RV around the country, so you focus on saving money, you pay attention to other people who are doing it and you learn as much as you can from them; you take action every single day, no matter what, on cutting your expenses, getting rid of your stuff and getting your family ready to hit the road.

This is the one principal you want to remember to make your dreams come true:
“Whatever you focus on, pay attention to, and take action toward is what gives you the life you’re living.”     Tweet this quote!

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