This I Believe…

I believe the world needs MORE people willing to take risks. Not money risks or let’s see what happens here kind of risks. But, risks of the heart, risks that take courage. Risks that might leave you heart broken and devastated, but that will more likely transform what is possible and leave such a huge impact that the risk will seem like nothing.

I believe the world needs LESS holding back, less keeping it together, less trying to be perfect.

I believe that moms have the most beautiful hearts and, with that enormous stockpile of love, we have the power to make a difference. We have this amazing capacity to let people (not just our kids) know how special they are and that they matter. We have so much love to give.

I believe that if we stop being careful, if we let go of our fear, if we unleash that love on the world, we can make an impact. We can change peoples lives and help people connect with their truer selves. I believe that us doing this is the beginning of peace and joy in the hearts of all people.

I don’t believe that motherhood is hard or a burden. I don’t think it should be used as an excuse or a reason for why we can’t do stuff that we love. Being a mother doesn’t take away, it adds, and makes us better women.

I believe in you.
I believe in your heart, your gifts, your art, your message. I believe you have something to say that’s worth saying.

And, I believe that it’s time.
It’s time to take the leap. To go for it. To let go and release all that you are into the world.

What are you waiting for?

xo, Lisa




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