They Are Just Baby Pants!

So often I hear about the horrible inner dialogue that we all seem to just love.

The doubt, fear, uncertainty, questioning, and worry we have about whatever dream we are working on.

You know the drill...

I can’t do this, maybe it’s not a good idea, what was I thinking anyway, who wants to listen to what I have to say, no one likes me, what a dumb idea, etc.

All that bad talk will leave pretty much anyone paralyzed, frustrated and stuck.

Your dreams (the ones that are NOT happening) are probably, most likely, thwarted by all the crap you are telling yourself.

Yesterday, I was talking to one of the AWESOME moms on the Visionary Mom Team. She was stuck. So deep in all the negative talk with herself. Ready to throw in the towel.  Feeling hopeless.

The project she’s working on involves sewing (really she is creating something magnificent). But, in all her self talk misery, she just could not get her butt to the sewing machine.

While we were talking, I stopped and said, “They are just baby pants! Stop making them into the be all, end all measurement of your self worth.”

The light went on and she got back to work.

Making those pants had become something more than sewing a pair of pants. For her (ehem – for YOU!) they had become so much more. If the project fails, then she is a big fat looser. If she throws in the towel, she is a big fat looser. If she can’t figure out the pattern, she is a big fat looser.

But, hello?!!! They are just baby pants!!

You do this too. You make stuff huge and the ultimate test of your worthiness. You talk to yourself about all the “what if” scenarios that will prove once and for all that you just don’t deserve to succeed.

And, then, that crazy conversation between your ears becomes real and you avoid the sewing machine like the plague, certain that it will only lead to the end of life as you know it.

But, they are just pants.

It’s just a sewing machine. Or your computer, or some paint brushes, or your camera.  They don’t care if you fail or you succeed, they are just tools.  It’s crazy to avoid them.

What happens when you do sit down and work on your thing is that you will be working on your thing.

And that’s a GOOD thing!

Because really, so long as you are moving forward with whatever awesome idea you have in your pretty little brain, you can’t go wrong.

Yup, the pants might suck.

So what?!!

At least you made them. And if you keep working on them.. they are going to be just as freaking amazing as you dreamed them up to be.

But, NOT making them. Believing that you will most certainly fail, so why even try?  Well, that is crazy!

You have to always remember, always tell yourself..

“Stop being so serious! They are JUST baby pants!”

Comments:  Where are you making a mountain out of a mole hill
and it’s keeping you from working on your dreams?

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