The Truth Is… By Kathi Crosby

Today I am excited to share with you a few words from Kathi Crosby, a designer and mom from California.

The truth is… life is gray and I am thrilled about this. This is my truth.

Nothing is fitting into a box for me as I thought it would at this stage, few things are black and white, everything is up for realizing. Most things have two sides to it. So many conflicting emotions, thoughts, realities.

At one time this was overwhelming, for the moment it is refreshing. This is my truth.

I aim to simplify, I have 26 pairs of jeans.

Ukulele lessons intended for the purpose of modeling determination and what practice can do,  both excruciating and exciting at the same time.

I am working toward un-attachment, yet never been more attached than at this moment.

I left the corporate world to devote myself more fully to my family, this has led to freedom and suffocation simultaneously.

The truth is… that life is gray and I am thrilled about this. This is my truth.

Gratitude on a daily basis overwhelms me, yet I yearn for so much more.

Equanimity is the goal, yet impatience and un-acceptance remain.

Non-Violent Communication is practiced with our children but I speak violently to myself.

With diminishing returns parenting can make one “un-happy” and we certainly have our hands full over here, yet my body aches to carry another and I can’t give up the boxes of outgrown onesies. Nursing bras aren’t even put away yet.

I am truly interested in music, design, art, politics and culture but it seems that I can only talk about one subject – my own children.

Aware of a need to stop and realize, stop and breathe, stop and live with intention – yet only two days in August are empty squares on the calendar and we have four activities today alone.

The truth is… that life is gray and I am thrilled about this. This is my truth.

Kathi Crosby is a “part-time hybrid mother” working part time as a designer and writer.  She is currently working on a children’s clothing line.  You can learn more about Kathi on her blog,

There are a couple of spots left!!!

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