The Holy Grail Of Motherhood

Balance is a myth ~ It is the holy grail of motherhood.

It is something we are constantly striving for, but we never seem to be able to find.

What does this elusive balance look like?

Spending equal amounts of time on the things that are important in our life?

Feeling calm and centered?

Having no stress or worries?

When you talk about finding balance, what do you mean?

I think the thing we are actually looking for is satisfaction and fulfillment.  That feeling of knowing that what we are doing is totally in line with our dreams and visions of this life.

But instead we talk about balance and we work hard to juggle more, schedule better, be more organized.  As if that is going to help us somehow have it all together.

But, what is actually missing is that feeling of being satisfied, full up, happy, inspired and in love with our lives.

Are you satisfied and fulfilled?

Do you know what brings you immense joy?

If not, that is what your attention should be on ~ not finding balance.  Because balance does not exist. Not really. Yes, there are those occasional zen moments where we are connected and in touch and calm and centered and we call that balance.  And those moments feel amazing, so we strive for more of that.

But, if you were to go talk to other moms who were happy and fulfilled in life, their secret would not be that they have everything balanced.  Their secret would be that they spend time doing things that they love.  And often, those things occupy quite a bit of their time.  Sometimes even taking them over, becoming obsessed and working on stuff late into the night or for many hours during the day.   They get tunnel vision working on their dreams and passions.

And that, my friends, is way more fun and exciting and enriching than trying for balance.   And it is way more sustainable.  I find it to be so much easier to focus on fulfillment than balance.  And, more often than not, when I am truly fulfilled, balance is a non-issue.

What could you work on late into the night without feeling exhausted or like you just have to get into bed soon?
What is that thing that brings you immense joy and satisfaction?

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