Tell It Like It Is

I think that this is the best advice I will ever have for you:

Just tell it like it is.

I really believe that at the core of all our troubles – our suffering, our overwhelm, our frustration, our unhappiness, our fear – is that we don’t tell the truth.

We sorta, kinda tell the truth, but not really.

We fudge the truth and that is not really the truth.

Half truths are lies.

Ignoring things and pretending everything is fine will kill your aliveness.

Looking the other way puts a shadow over your heart.

Saying yes, when really the answer is no, totally confuses your sense of SELF.

Holding back suppresses the flow of ideas and inspiration.

Going on and on about how badly you want something, but then doing nothing to make it so, is also a lie.  Somewhere in there is lie, I promise.

The lie can be that you are afraid and not saying so, it can be that you are mad or angry or sad or something that you don’t feel particularly proud about so you pretend those strong emotions are not there.

But they are.

And not telling the truth about all that will squash you living powerfully faster than a 2 ton truck.

We all tells lies all the time.  To ourselves, to our kids, to our partners, our bosses, our friends.  We pretend all is well when it’s not.  We act like everything is fine when really we are so freaked out we don’t know what the heck to do.

So, my friends, my advice for you is to start telling the truth.

That doesn’t mean you become this big rude machine spewing all your randomness on the world.  No, I mean just start sharing the things that are really going on with you with those people in your life who are really going to listen.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Recently, a mom on the Visionary Mom Team came onto one of our weekly calls in a really stuck place.  REALLY STUCK.  Like nothing working out, everything NOT going to plan, a spouse with his head up his butt, money worries, etc.  Seriously.  Anything that could be going wrong, was.

And what did she do?  Did she come to the call with her happy face, pretending everything was okay and trying to convince herself that she was “fine”?

No, she did what I’m talking about here.  She opened up about all that was going on.  She didn’t worry about sounding like she had it all together or like she knew what she was going to do.  Because, she didn’t.

And what did we do?  We listened.  We gave her space to authentically communicate about all the gunk.  At the end of the call, nothing was fixed, nothing was all figured out.  But, what DID happen, was she made some room for herself.  She started to dig herself out of any yucky anti-truth telling that was going on.

She told it like it is.

And out of that, some movement started to occur.  A business she had been trying to work on for months, but was totally uninspired and frustrated about got worked on. The passion and the enthusiasm for the project was awakened.

She welcomed an annoying situation in her life that was having her feel stuck,  she started to see it as an opportunity.

Her partner started to pull his head out of his butt and some real partnership began to blossom.

And that is what happens when you allow yourself to tell it like it is.

Freedom shows up.

The ability to act, to move, to make something happen.  Clarity in our thinking, love in our hearts.

It is important to also say that what I am talking about is not just dumping or venting.  It is you sharing all that is true for you in a way that is committed – you wanting to get unstuck, to figure out what is in the way, to let go of whatever is blocking you.

And that, is not always easy, I know.  But it is essential if you are going to live full out, chasing your dreams, living your passions and being the best you can possibly be.

You CANNOT live powerfully on top of a bunch of lies and half truths.

You can’t.

So, if there is anywhere in your life that you are feeling stuck, frustrated, annoyed, etc.  I invite you to go looking.  Digging deep to see if you can discover what it is you are not telling the truth about.  And then find someone, somewhere that you can speak your truth.  For reals.  With no holding back.

And then see what opens up after you make room for real awesomeness.

Remember, real awesomeness can’t live side by side the junk we tell ourselves that just ain’t true.

Comments:  What do you think?  Have you seen this in action in your life?  Where have you told the truth and then real awesomeness happened?

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