Taking A Break…

I am having idea overload.

Does that ever happen to you?  So many ideas, so many good things to read, so many people to connect with and awesome stuff to learn about.  That is what is happening with me.  I keep finding myself diving in to one thought or idea and then I go digging around to learn more, which takes me down a few more paths of exquisite knowledge.

But the thing that always happens to me is all of these awesome ideas get confused in my mind and I stop trusting what it is I have to say.  It gets jumbled.  And I start to question who I am and what I am doing here in this space.  I start to question my own voice and my own vision.

So, I need a break.  A week or so (maybe more) of just being with my thoughts, my own ideas.  Away from the computer and the self imposed need of mine to come up with new ideas, of my need to know more.

I really want this space here to be valuable and a treasure of useful information for YOU!  But, I can’t do that if I am feeling lost and unable to connect with MY OWN truth, you know?

So, hang tight and I we will back.  I think I need to go enjoy some of this summer time happening around here, be with my kiddos a bit more, connect, nurture, restore.  See you soon.


Edited to Add: I am still working with coaching clients, just not taking the time to blog for bit.  SO, if you are interested in doing an  e-coaching session with me or grabbing yourself some  one on one phone coaching, please don’t let my blogging break stop you!!  I am still around.  :)  And don’t forget to sign up for the FREE ecourse starting at the end of the month!

(photo credit) and WOW!  some amazing work there…. go check out her entire set!!

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