Stepping Into Your Dreams: A Tale of Heartache and Possibility

If you are not working on your dreams, if you are not moving forward, stepping into them with courage and gusto, my guess is that you haven’t said yes to them.  If you want your dreams to happen, you have to say yes!

And, more importantly, you have to say… NOW!

Thinking about stuff does not make things happen.  Period.

Yes, there is all that yummy law of attraction stuff.  But, trust me, the people who are making stuff happen with that are ALSO taking action.  They are moving forward, stepping into their dreams.

And that, is THE key.  You have to step into it.

You have to move toward it with your yes volume turned way up. It’s actually more like diving in, head first, with no guarantees.

I get alot of stuff done and I have done some pretty awesome things with my life.  But, not from thinking about it.  Every great adventure I’ve had started with a big, bold ~ yes!

My Story

10 years ago, when the company I worked for asked me to move to Sweden, I said HECK YES!   I gave all my stuff away, flew home to say goodbye to my mom, and took off.    It was just 3 short weeks from that invitation to me walking through the Arlanda Airport at midnight with a big, huge smile on my face.

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I lived there for 2 years and got my ass kicked!  I worked so crazy hard and I failed.  Yes, I failed!  I did not accomplish what I was sent there to do.  It was painful at the time.  Heart crushing.  I left Sweden defeated.

But, now, when I look back at my life, living in Stockholm is one of my most favorite memories.  So much of who I am today is because of that experience.  The failure and the disappointment were SO worth it! (even if they really sucked at the time)

When I met my husband, we rushed off to Las Vegas to get married.  We only knew each other for a few months.   I was wowed!  Yes was oozing out of my pores!   All I wanted was him and this life we were creating.

Now, 7 years later, we are divorced.  It stings.  It hurts.  This was not what we planned.  But, I now have these 2 amazing kiddos.  And I know what it feels like to live and act from a place of pure passion.  The failure of our marriage has taught me so much.  About speaking up, asking for what I want and not tolerating junk in my life that is not working.

As I look out into the future and the hope of falling in love again, I remember that feeling of blissed out yes!  And I know that I will do it all over again, given the chance.  Why?  Because I want passion, I want adventure, I want the thrill of living from a place of FULL OUT!  I want love.

About a year before we separated, my ex-husband and I started dreaming about living on the road.  We wished it and hoped it and “what if?ed it” for a good long year.  Then, one day, we said, YES!  Let’s do it.  Nothing in the previous year got the ball rolling.   But that day, the day we said YES, I remember it well.

Everything changed.  We started to take action and within 3 months, we sold or gave away everything we owned, moved out of our house and into an RV.  It was crazy!  But that day we decided yes, let’s do it, the whole world of what was possible changed.  We saw the way and we eagerly stepped onto the path and started moving toward our dream.

Alot of people around us didn’t get it.  They told us it was a bad idea.  But, we did it anyway.  We followed our own bliss.

And we had problems.. the dang beast broke down, we froze our butts off staying in an RV park up in the mountains, crazy leaks galore, and we weren’t sure how we were going to support ourselves on the road, but we just kept moving forward.  Knowing that we were making our dreams come true.

Then, as you know from above, our marriage fell apart.  It wasn’t sudden really, it was a slow build, and that final straw happened.  I packed up our small amount of stuff and moved in with my mom.  Heartbreaking.

This big, awesome dream that I poured my entire heart and soul into, it crumbled at my feet.  I was devastated.  On so many levels.  The marriage, the dream of living on the road, the sadness of my kiddos.  I’m sure you can imagine.

But here I am, still speaking my truth and still dreaming. And, I’m pursuing new dreams.  I’m saying yes to two big things right now…

I’m in school, studying art, something I have wanted to do for a long, long time.  I am discovering this artist in me that has been begging to get out.

And, I am working for myself, doing something I love, making a difference and helping people to be the best they can be.  Visionary Mom is such a huge blissful fulfillment for me.

Those other dreams?  To live on the road, to have a mate that inspires me, to work and thrive in another country?  They are still there.  You better believe it!  At some point in my life, I hope to start saying yes to those things and boldly taking action toward fulfillment.   Even with the failure, the dreams are still there.

I know you have fear, mama.  We all do.  Your dreams?  They may not turn out.  Things  may not go to plan, you may mess things up.  True all that.   Believe me, I know!

But, I ask you this?  Would it be worth it?  If you did fail?   If you crashed and burned?  If you got your heart broken?  Would if be worth it if you got to experience, for that one moment, the YES!  The yes of being alive and believing and going for it?   Would it?

One thing I will tell you is this:  you can and you will survive heartache.  And heartache will happen.   It sucks when it happens.  But, you can also keep moving forward.  And, with that,  you will get to experience  new dreams, new possibilities, and new hope.

Are you willing to take the risk?

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