Stand In The Mirror And Be Proud

A weekly feature, where I double dog dare you to do something bold, something creative, something courageous.
So that you can more fully become who you really are…

Stand in the mirror and be proud of who you are…

When was the last time you just stood and the mirror and looked at yourself?  Really took a good, hard, long look at yourself?  When was the last time you saw yourself for who you really are?

As mothers, we can get so caught up in the go go go, taking care of everyone else and then when we do look in the mirror, so often, we don’t like what we see.  We are tired, older, worn out, disconnected, not who we used to be.

But, if you take a moment and really be with yourself, look yourself in the eye, you may be surprised at what you find.  You may even fall in love with yourself!   Yes, you are older, but can you appreciate the wisdom that rests in your eyes.  Yes, you are tired, but can you find some respect for the woman who stays up all night with her children.  And, yes, you may we feeling disconnected, but can you see yourself – your true Self looking back at you?

Here is the challenge.. spend a good five to ten minutes being with yourself in the mirror.  Look deep into your own eyes.  Talk to yourself.  Stay there until you come to know a whole new level of who you are, until you are in love with the woman looking back at you.

What do you not love about yourself that you could let go?

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