So What if You Messed Up!!

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I’m sure each and every person out there reading has had this happen:

You create this awesome and amazing intention for your life, and along with it some clear ideas of how you will incorporate it into your life.  Maybe you create a project or you have a specific area of your life that you plan to start working on.

You are super duper inspired and excited and anything seems possible.  You feel powerful and even maybe a little invincible.

The possibility juices are flowing.

You get going, you live, you dream, you make stuff happen.  And WOW!  Look at you go.  You are amazing yourself with your super powers.

And then.. BOOM!  The magic is gone.

Life is hard.  That great idea you had was probably a bad one, inspiration is a distant memory and you catch yourself climbing out of the shower talking to yourself to the tune of “I suck!”     Only, it’s more of a scream -” I SUCK!” and if you could, you’d subject yourself to a public flogging.

What happened?

You were SO powerful, SO inspired.  And now?  You’re lucky if you can clean up the dinner dishes let alone make your big dream come true.

This is one of the messiest aspects of living an inspired life:  keeping the magic alive.

Because, life happens.

And, we don’t always do what we set out to do.  Which is usually the thief stealing your thunder – not doing what you said.

I hear this alot, “how come I can’t stay inspired?”  “It always disappears.”

I don’t have an exact answer to YOUR particular situation, but I can venture a guess about why you lost your mojo~

You didn’t do something you said you would.

Could be you made a big public declaration of your intentions, or it may be you just promised yourself.

Either way, NOT doing what you said will instantly zap your power.  You may not notice it straight away, but the magic is gone.  And you are now just surviving.  You are probably talking to yourself –  justifying why you didn’t do what you meant to do, which quickly turns into a big loud rendition of your own personal version of “I suck.”

This just happened to me.  I started this intention series so lit up, so inspired, so jazzed by creating something knock your socks off powerful.  I told myself and a few others that I was going to blog every day.  I started the month doing that, and LOVING what I was writing about.

And then, one day, I didn’t feel like it.  And instead of just doing it anyway, I blew it off.  BTW,  I rarely FEEL like writing, but I do it anyway because I have a business to run here and I always get into the mood once I start.  But, this one day, I told myself, “No one will notice.”  And in that moment, I lost my power.

But, I didn’t realize it right away.  Instead, I found other things to occupy my attention and fuel some inspiration.  And then I skipped another day, and another.  And then this morning, as I got out of the shower, I was in full on, super loud “I suck” mode.  And I caught myself.  I’ve been hanging out there in “I suck” mode for well over a week, I’m sure, but only this morning took notice.

Which is always good news to notice, even if it hits like a hard slap in the face.

I’m sure this has happened to you!

So, what to do about it?  I know that in those moments going and crawling in a nice cozy hole sounds like a good idea, except that is not what you really want, is it?

Most of the time, all of us are either thinking forward or thinking backward.

Yes, we try to be in the moment and it’s amazing when that happens (and makes this article irrelevant).  But, since most of the time we are not “in the moment” – it is helpful to notice when you are either thinking forward or thinking backward.

Backward thinking will most always leave you feeling down on yourself, frustrated, and wishing for some other life.  Forward thinking, however, has you creating the future, ingigting magic into your day to day and gives you something to fulfill that inspires the heck out of you.

So, if you notice that your thoughts are full of the lovely “I suck” talk, all there is to do is start some forward thinking.  Ok, so maybe what you just did (or didn’t do)  totally, undoubtedly sucked, so what? You can’t go back and have a do-over.

So, what are you going to do now?  In this moment?

What is something you could do to get out of the funk and get things moving forward again?

Take a small step forward.  Take care of one of those things you said you would do.

Take another small step – reach out and be in communication with someone that will get you pointed in the right direction again.

Take another step forward.  Then another, and another.

Before you know it, you will be having those awesomely powerful thoughts again.

The thing that always gets us is when we are not working on our dreams.

When we are not doing what we planned.  When we blow off those things that we know really and truly matter.  To us.

So, when you find yourself out of whack, talking that bad self talk and questioning all of it, my guess is that you stopped working on your intention, your dream and the amazing stuff that inspires you.  You didn’t do something you set out to do and instead of getting yourself back on track, you’re now telling yourself what a jerk you are.

Well, knock it off!!  We all screw up, blow stuff off and fail to accomplish what we meant to do.    If you are off track, wandering the land of I’m not enough.. wake up – snap out of it and stop wallowing.  Get back in action and make something really inspiring happen!!

Right now.. are you thinking forward or backward?

Day 11 of Creating Intentions

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