Slowing Things Down

We are all so busy these days..

Modern motherhood can be really crazy with soccer games, summer vacations, play dates, zoo trips, etc. Not to mention all that there is to do around the house.

Honestly, it can be exhausting.

I know there are so many mamas these days that are working hard to slow things down, enjoy the moment and savor this time with have with our kiddos.  I know this is something I am constantly working toward.

Then, when you throw into the mix this desire to work on our own dreams and passions, that need to take some time for ourselves, doing things that nurture our own being,  well…

We can quickly end up feeling guilty.

Guilty for wanting to “take time from our kids” or feeling guilty because we just can’t seem to figure out how to fit it all it.  Guilty because we know we should be able to handle all of this without neglecting anything.

Have you noticed how the pressure to “fit it all in” is heavy upon us these days?

What can we do?  Because we DO want to more productive and enjoy our lives more and take time for ourselves.  We do!

Well, instead of going to work on planning better or being more organized, or working more productively, or getting stuff done faster ~ why not try to slow things down a bit?

I find that when I am on go mode.. go, go going ~ I actually get less done, I am more scattered, and I am totally NOT in the moment enjoying my days. Instead, I am in my head worrying and trying harder and beating myself up for all that I know I could (or should) be doing better.

But, when I slow things down.. be more present, pay attention to what is happening right now.. then I seem to accomplish more, enjoy life more, feel more connected to my kiddos and I feel great about who I am.  I feel awesome.

There are some kick butt ball players out there that say what has them be able to hit a super fast baseball or tennis ball or whatever, is because they don’t just focus on the ball coming at them.. they watch the seams. Yes, the seams.  That has the ball seem to slow down. It is going just as fast as before, but it looks like it is going slower. Focusing on the smaller detail of the seams shifts their perception and they are easier able to make contact with the ball.

This is true in our own lives. When we can shift our perception, slow things down, then life occurs more manageable, we can make contact – with whatever life is throwing at us. We aren’t just ducking, trying not to get hit in the head by the ball.

We can respond to life, experience it right here in the now, and more often than not, we can respond in ways that have us scoring home runs.  What ever our own personal home runs may be.

So, that is what we are going to be working on in the free e-course that starts tomorrow. Shifting our perception of time. Getting it to slow down so we can be more effective at hitting the ball. So we can have more home runs. So we can find the time to work on our own dreams without dropping the ball!  :)

I hope you will be joining us!!

Click here for more details and I will see you all here tomorrow for the first day of the course.

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