Sharing YOUR Truth…

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A few lovely snipets of truth sharing found in my blog reader recently….

Jessamyn says, “It can also be quite intimidating at times.  I think I have felt such an ebb and flow with the online world.  There are times where it all feels “too much” and that I am not quite enough in that sea of “muchness”.   And so much more, honest, from the heart sharing.

Liz checking in shortly after giving birth to her gorgeous daughter ~ “i don’t think people honor the truth of how shocking it is to have surgery while awake. this is a phrase that has been running through my mind. and to have that surgery while you are awake when you have been awake for 36 hours, when you spent 24 of those in intense labor.”

My good friend Shannon talks about NOT homeschooling ~ “Selfishly, I pout and I sad-face.  I really REALLY want to.  I want to be that family who does.  I want to be that Mom who does.”  She also shares about offering the most intimate, lovely contributions to friends and the difference that makes.

Kat really letting it all out – the dark stuff, the beauty, the pain, the lovliness ~ “It’s a little hard to tell because those damn flowers are there adding a little bit of sunshine- holding me in the middle of this darkness where I could go either way.”

Life is powerful and there are strong emotions for us to feel.  Good ones, painful ones.  Life is all around.  When we can experience it all, fully, with all of our being, then we are really alive.   Are you aching to share YOUR truth?  Is there a story you are longing to tell?  Are there beliefs and wisdom and knowing that you can gift to all of us?  If so, shoot me an email.  I am working on a project that gives all of us a chance to share our truths and I would **love** for YOU to be a part of it.

But, right now… What is a truth of YOURS that you wish to share?

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