Sharing Your Intention

Intentions are not meant to be quiet.

They are most powerful when they are out there, known, acknowledged, recognized.  If those around you know what you are up to, the pull toward that which you are manifesting is so much stronger.

One thing about intentions is that they are kind of like a drum that you have to beat.  And the more “into” the beat you get, the more taken over you become, the more that beat is part of who you are.

And drums aren’t quiet.   :)

So whatever it is that you want to create for this year, you don’t want it to be a silent prayer.  You want to put it out there for the world to see.  The more energy and aliveness you give to your intention the more it is TRUE in your life.

Think about that…

Have you ever had a thing that you wanted to change about your life?  Something small or big, but for sure it was a thing.  And the more you talked about that thing, thought about it and shared it, the more REAL it became.  The more it was a thing that you really, really, this time for reals were going to change?  The thing grew the more energy you put towards it, the harder it was to change.

The same principal works with intentions.  The more you talk about them, think about them and share about them, the more real they become.   It can’t be helped!

That is some pretty cool news.  So if you have something you want to fulfill, some intention you want to bring into your life, all you have to do is focus on it, breath life into, and put it out there to become more and more real.

Wording Your Intention

You don’t want your intention to sound like something you are trying to fix or change.  Because then it is really just another resolution masked as an intention.

Some examples of that:

  • My intention is to experience more happiness.
  • I intend to loose weight.
  • I have an intention to work less.
  • I’m intending to be really successful this year.

Can you hear the FIX in all that?  The dissatisfaction and the longing for something else?

Powerful?  Not so much.

If you were truly coming from a place of love, gratitude and appreciation for all that has been up until now, and you create an intention from there, it will sound more like this:

  • I intend to share my love.
  • I have an intention to offer support to those around me.
  • I’m intending to inspire hope.
  • My intention is to experience joy.

Can you hear the difference?  Can you feel the possibility and the soul-nurturing of these intentions?

I would also say that it is even more powerful to use the most active language that you can.  Let’s look at the above examples:

“I intend to share my love” – this makes it seem like some day you are going to do this, but not now.

“I have an intention to offer support to those around me.” – Better.  There is more ownership in the intention, but still feels like you are going to do it down the road vs. fulfilling on it right now.

“I’m intending to inspire hope.” Again, someday in the future.

“My intention is to experience joy.” See how this one is more in the moment?  In the declaration of it, you can be experiencing joy right now, there is no waiting.

I know this is all pretty technical, but I want you to get the very most out of creating intentions.  I want you to live your intentions and have them work on you to bring about new possibilities in your life.  So, how you language your intention is important.  And, you don’t have to do it exactly like the example above, just make sure however you do declare your intention, that it can go to work right away and that it effects your experience of life right in the moment of creating it.

Also, your intention should just be a word or two.  Short.  Succinct.  It is an experience.  Something you will feel.   It will alter your mood and the way you perceive the world.  It has power and shifts things.

You’ll know you’re on the right path if your intention stirs your soul and wakes up your heart.  Pay attention to that.  If you are not inspired by what you are creating, there is probably too much fixing or “someday” and not enough oozing possibility right now.

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Day 2 of the Creating Intentions Series.

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