How To Set An Intention For The Holidays (and Why Doing So Makes a Difference)

Here in the US, we celebrated Thanksgiving last week and that pretty much blasts us off into full on holiday mode.

The holidays can bring out the crazy in all of us really quick: from just being so busy we could scream, to seeing family that brings up disappointment and frustration, to just trying to fight the pull into the commercial buy-buy-buy mentality.

I think this time of year just naturally stirs the pot and shakes up the status quo. Alot is expected from us. And alot of that expectation is pressure we put on ourselves to create the “perfect holiday” for our kiddos.

But, this time of year can also be very magical ~ getting us in touch with how much we love our families and feeling the goodness happening all around.

I find that when I take the time – it doesn’t have to be a LONG period of time, just a few minutes does the trick – when I take time to set an intention for the holidays, it makes a BIG difference in what I experience, what happens and how everyone around me feels about the holiday season.

Last year, I didn’t do this. I was kinda depressed about Christmas. It was the first year of not being with my kids and I turned into a big bah humbug! I wasn’t even going to get a tree – I was so anti-Christmas. My sister helped me though, she gave me a figurative slap on the face, basically saying I needed to wake up and get in the spirit. And I did, sort of. But I know my efforts were half-assed.

I’m not sharing that with you to make myself feel guilty about how things went down, but to illustrate the difference that setting an intention can make. I know, without a doubt, that if I HAD created an intention for the holidays last year, they would have been very different.

I always take the time to do this, I have for many many years and even when things are “good” in life, it just makes celebrating so much better. That’s how I know that when things are not so good, creating an intention can make a big impact and shift how things go.

So, how do you create an intention for your holidays?

It’s actually pretty simple:

  1. Take a moment to be still.  Take a breath and get present to your life.
  2. Think about your family and those that you love and how much they matter to you.
  3. Imagine what the most magical, special, memorable holiday season would be like for you this year.
  4. What will your kids, you and those around you remember about this year?
  5. Then, jot down a few words that capture the essence of what you just imagined.
    For me, I wrote:  magic, awe and love.
  6. Next is to pull that together into a sentence that is easy to remember and captures what it is you want to experience over the holidays.
    This is mine:  This year I am going to bring magic into everything I do such that we get to live in awe and feel deeply loved.  
  7. Write out your intention and put it up where you will see it often.  Say it out loud to yourself, share it with your mate and other family members.  Talking about your intention is the best way to keep it alive and have it impact how things go.

I promise you that if you do this it will make such a huge difference in how you experience the holiday season.  You will create awesome memories, feel less stress and just enjoy things more.    Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Peace and love,

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