Say BUH-BYE to your Fears and Worries about MONEY!

If you are working your cute tushie off, trying to build a VISIONARY business: a business that you absolutely LOVE, that makes a difference in the world and that makes MONEY for you and your family…. you likely have fear and worry about that money part of the equation.

Everything from being terrified if you are even going to MAKE MONEY to knowing you should be charging more, but you think it might turn potential customers away to avoiding asking to get paid all together.

Us women, who are also the most awesome caregivers to the cutest little people, tend to get weird about money.  We are just so dang used to giving, giving, giving that when it comes time to ASK for monetary compensation for our ideas, products and services, we turn to mush. 

Which is a BIG problem if you’re going to build a business that is freaking AWESOME!!

Part of the awesome means that you get PAID what you are worth.  And you are worth A LOT!

So that’s why I created a free class to address this craziness, so you can be BOLD and FEARLESS when it comes time to EARN.

We could all use a little kick in the pants, a little love, and some big time encouragement when it comes to thinking about money, earning and our worth.

Please join me TOMORROW for this free 50 minute class all about saying BUH-BUY to your fears and worries about money.

>> Register here  <<

And if you can’t join us live, or you see this late, no worries.. you can still sign up and I will send you the recording.  :)



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