Reveal a Secret Truth

A weekly feature, where I double dog dare you to do something bold, something creative, something courageous.
So that you can more fully become who you really are…

{ Can You Keep A Secret by udonchow on etsy }

Reveal a Secret Truth

Share a secret that no-one knows about. Something about you that you have kept hidden and that you don’t talk about, like ever.  Scary, huh?

Why would I ask this of you as your dare this week?

Well, I think that we are seriously out of practice with this whole telling the truth and being authentic thing. There is such a societal pull to only put our best face forward, to only share the good stuff, forever tucking away the bad. Especially amongst the moms.

We spend so much time keeping it together and showing off our sunny face, that letting the truth out starts to seem unimaginable.  Frightening even.  God forbid we share who we really are!

So, this week.. share one of your secrets, let it out, celebrate it.  Even if it is yucky and bad.  But it might not be.. it may be a secret wish, something you once did in your life, something you loved but you’ve decided that the people in your life today couldn’t possibly understand.

Be vulnerable and see what happens. You just might find that the people around you respect and adore you that much more and that you feel stronger and bolder because there is less of you in hiding.

What is YOUR secret truth?

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