Want to spend some time away with an amazing group of Visionary Moms?

A weekend away from the kids (as much as you love them), the laundry, the bills, and any thing else that is pulling you away from BEING who you long to be and DOING the things that make your spirit soar?

These retreats are designed to give you a chance to relax, to take care of yourself, and to do something that nurtures your spirit and your creativity.  We all need opportunities to stop and reconnect to what really matters.

Plus, we will do some work on ourselves.

Good, deep, getting to the heart of who we really are kind of work.  What do we want out of life, what’s in the way, how do we make our dreams come true?  That kind of thing.  And, it won’t be hard or awful or uncomfortable.  It will be fun and nurturing and inspiring!  I promise.

In the works!   This summer – Estes Park.

Want to know more?

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